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About the Swine Unit

The Texas Tech New Deal farm consists of over 980 acres and has multiple research programs within Tech's Department of Animal and Food Sciences and the Department of Plant and Soil Science. The unit was founded in 1978 and originally was located on the North side of the livestock area later moved to the farm for a larger expansion.

A few sites of the facility include:

  • An indoor swine research program and swine farrowing facility for the study of pigs
  • A metabolism center for the detailed study of animal nutrition of various feed sources passing through the animal

The research farm is located on FM 1729, about 6 miles east of the town of New Deal, and a 20-minute drive from the Texas Tech campus. The farm has an elevation of 3,262 feet, and an average annual rainfall of 18.6 inches.

The Swine Unit is used for both research and education. Teaching laboratories are held at the farm and the facility is visited regularly by producers, school children, research partners, students and international visitors from all over the world.


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Aerial View of the Farm and Swine Unit








 Research Building

Research Building


Gestation Barn

Outside View

Breeding barn

Inside view



Farrowing and Nursery Barn

Outside view

Farrowing barn Outside

Inside View (East Wing Nursery)

Nursery Barn


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Farm Staff

stanley edward

Stanley Harris

Swine Unit Supervisor

Edward Carrasco

Breeding manager


Upcoming Farrowing Dates -- Dates are approximate

Group Breed

# Sows

Farrow # Sows # Pigs Pigs/litter Wean date
3 4/28/2018 14 8/20/2018 11 118 10.7 9/21/2018
4 6/12/2018 16 10/4/2018  14      11/2/2018
1 7/17/2018 13 11/8/2018  10      11/30/2018
2 8/21/2018 18 12/13/2018  14      1/10/2019
3 9/24/2018  22  1/17/2019  20     2/8/2019 
4  11/6/2018  20  2/28/2019       March/April 
1  12/11/2018 18   4/4/2019        May


For a complete history of farrowing records of our sows, you may look at our Swine Records

Swine Unit Pig Use in Research

In order to use the pigs at the Swine Unit, please fill out the form below to the best of your ability. Do not forgot to email the accompanying forms requested in the form to Dr. John McGlone. We will return a response as soon as possible. 

Swine Use Request Form



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