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ITA Workshop Content & Evaluation Procedures

Workshop Content

Specific Language Skills

Classroom Language Tasks

Presentation Topics

Evaluation Procedures

Initial oral evaluation

On the first day of the workshop, there will be an initial oral evaluation, usually 5-6 minutes long. During this evaluation, participants are:

SPEAK test

Midway through the workshop, all participants will take the SPEAK test, a locally administered version of the original TSE (Test of Spoken English). This test is taped and lasts 25 minutes. A spoken English test is required by state law.

Additional evaluation procedures

A performance test based on videotaped and non-videotaped microteaching presentations on assigned topics before an audience of workshop instructors and professors representing concerned academic departments is administered.

No one test solely determines the outcome of the final evaluation of a participant's English proficiency or readiness for teaching U.S. undergraduates. Rather, all of the information gathered in the evaluation procedures described in the foregoing text are considered when making a recommendation to each participant's department at the end of the workshop.

Recommendations Sent to Academic Departments Following the Workshop

Students approved to teach are permitted to work insofar as it is reasonable at a given level of proficiency.

Students not approved to teach have two options (see below) and should continue training in spoken English.

Students not approved to teach may not perform instructional duties until qualified by a new evaluation. "Instructional duties" include duties as lab assistants.

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