Texas Tech University

Support & Training

The Language Laboratory provides support for and training on most of the instructional equipment in the Foreign Languages Building, including the first floor classrooms and all Lab areas in the basement. The Lab's IT Specialist and IT/Equipment Assistant are available during the hours the Lab is open, and are the primary support team.

In addition, all HelpDesk Representatives are also seasoned in providing support and assistance with the broad array of equipment the Lab maintains.

Equipment Support

For technical issues related to the operation of instructional equipment, please contact the Lab at 742-3151, or stop by the Language Laboratory HelpDesk. If the issue occurs during class, please feel free to send a student to request help. If at all possible, a member of the Lab staff will be dispatched immediately. In the unlikely event that there is no one available, we will attempt to recruit back-up support.

In the event that a malfunction cannot be resolved promptly, the Lab will attempt to provide an expedient alternative. This may include placing temporary equipment in the stead of the non-operating device(s), or offering relocation to an alternative area for the remainder of the class period.

Please be aware that Lab personnel are glad to offer topical support for personally-owned equipment (such as your personal laptop) while you are attempting to use it for instruction, in class. This support is limited to helping connect video projectors and similar equipment, and checking directly-involved system settings so that the devices connect properly. Please understand that, for a number of reasons, Lab personnel cannot perform involved support on personally-owned equipment beyond what is described here. For further support for personal devices, we recommend IT Help Central's Walk-up services.


The Language Laboratory is glad to provide training on any of our equipment, and encourages all instructional personnel to utilize this service. We are happy to assist you with training on:

Please contact the Language Laboratory to schedule training and we will be glad to help you!