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External Advisory Board

Listed below are all of our current External Advisory Board members. If you would like to see a biography about an individual, simply click on his/her name.

PhotoNameEducationEmployer/PositionCurrent Term ExpiresCS Academy and Distinguished Engineers
Darrell BatemanBSCS 1984Chief Information Security Officer, City Bank, Lubbock - Former Assistant VP of IT at TTU2019Academy 2014
Chris BurchettBSCSVice President at Dell2018Academy, DE 2016
Greg BuxkemperBSCS 1998, MBA 2005Managing Director at Accenture2020Academy 2017
Dennis Carroll, Ph.D.BSCS 1987, MSCS 1989, Ph.D. CS 1991Sr Manager at General MotorsWaiver from CS ChairAcademy 2011, DE 2011
Bobby CudeBSCSDirector of Application Development and Managed Services, CTSI2019Academy 2016
Glen Curry, MSBABS MIS 1987, MS MIS 1989Senior Director, General Motors2019
Manoj GujarathiMSCS 1996Software Engineering Director, Software Group, Dell2018Academy 2015
Tom Harper, Ph.D.MS, Ph.DPacific Northwest National Labs2020Academy 2011, DE 2010
Elyse HoganBSCS 1998Learning and workforce development leader; Airborne Systems (1400 people), Raytheon2018Academy 2015
John MihmBSChERetired SVP of Technology for Phillips PetroleumWaiver from CS chairAcademy 2014, DE 1984
Matt MillsBSCSAmplifier2018
Brad NelsonBSCS 2005Chief Financial Officer, VP of Finance and Technology, Cornerstone2020Academy 2017
David PaceBSCS 1984Senior Systems Operations Analyst XTO Energy Inc. 2020Academy 2017
Anthony PresleyHours short of BSCSPresident/CEO Timeforge2019Academy 2016
Chad SmithBSCS 2001Vice President of Information Technology, Lucky’s Market2018Academy 2014
Scott TerrellBSCS 1995Vice President and CIO, Healthmarkets, Inc2018Academy 2015
Tracy ThomasonBSCS 1992Tyler Technologies2020Academy 2017