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AdVanced Empirical Software Testing & Analysis (AVESTA)

About the AVESTA Group

The AdVanced Empirical Software Testing & Analysis (AVESTA) research group focuses on conducting research in software testing, empirical software engineering, and application of statistical analysis to program analysis. The group was founded in the Department of Computer Science at Texas Tech University in August 2009.

For more updated news about the AVESTA research group, please visit Dr. Namin's Web Page.

Current Projects

Several research projects are active with their focus on the following areas:

  • Application of online learning with major focus on Bayesian analysis to program analysis.
  • The role of coverage on fault coverage.
  • Mutation testing & analysis.
  • Adaptive random testing.
  • Testing multi−core and multi−threaded systems.
  • Probablistic model checking.

If you would like to know more information, please refer to the Research page.

Joining the Group

The AVESTA group always welcomes motivated students to conduct research in several interesting areas of software engineering and program analysis. In particular, the undergraduate and graduate students have the unique opportunity to benefit from learning applicable concepts while pursuing their theses/dissertations. Contact Dr. Akbar Siami−Namin for further information.