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Autumn's Dawn NICE Laboratory: Members

Photo Name Title Contact Info Research Areas
Mary Baker Mary Baker, Ph.D. Professor, Director, Autumn’s Dawn NICE Lab Email
P: 806.742.1247
F: 806.742.1245
  • Biomedical Signal Processing
  • Neuroimaging and Cognition
  • Medical Image Processing
Michael W. O'Boyle Michael W. O'Boyle, Ph.D. Professor, Co−Director, Autumn’s Dawn NICE Lab Email
P: 806.742.3000 Ext.257
F: 806.742.0285
  • Cognitive modeling of perception, memory, and language as they relate to the underlying structure and neural circuitry of the human brain
  • Investigation of the specialized functions of the left and right cerebral hemispheres and how they serve as the neurological basis for individual differences in higher-order thinking processes, particularly, hemispheric differences as a function of handedness, sex, and mathematical giftedness
  • The study of neurologically brain-damaged individuals and how their impairments reveal fundamental principles of brain development and neuro-cognitive functioning.


Photo Name Title Contact Info
Ron Anderson Ron Anderson ECE Ph.D. Student Email
Justin Brough Justin Brough ECE Ph.D. Student Email
Elizabeth Hames Elizabeth Hames ECE Ph.D. Student Email
Bryan Schiller Bryan Schiller ECE M.S. Student
  Dipika Patel ECE M.S. Student Email