Texas Tech University

Public Accountability Module


“Texas Tech University is committed to transparency in governance, personal responsibility, and both individual and organizational integrity. Being responsible requires us to be thoughtful stewards of our resources—accountable and respectful to ourselves, to each other, and to the publics we serve. A sense of institutional and public responsibility requires careful reflection on one's ethical obligations and the duty to respect commitments and expectations by acknowledging the context and considering the consequences, both intended and unintended, of any course of action. We promptly and openly identify and discloses conflicts of interest on the part of faculty, staff, students, administration, and the institution as a whole, and we take appropriate steps to either eliminate such conflicts or ensure that they do not compromise our procedures and values. When we make promises, we must keep those promises. We strive to do what is honest and ethical even if no one is watching us or compelling us to ‘do the right thing.'”

This is the web space for an exploration of the ethical principle Public Accountability. We recommend that you go through the web pages step by step but they can also be viewed out of sequence.

If you complete the pre- and post-assessments, you will help the TTU Ethics Center to evaluate how effective these materials are and improve them over time. Thank you in advance for your time and effort.