Texas Tech University

Pursuit of Excellence Module


“Texas Tech University is committed to achieving excellence in all aspects of its community. We expect this in the expertise and performance of our faculty, staff, and administration, as well as the continuing education of our students. A high standard of professionalism, including opportunities for professional contact and continuous growth, is expected of our faculty, students, staff, and administrators. The university is committed to academic integrity and to the effective and just implementation of a system designed to preserve and protect it. The university intends to be a model of excellence, following best practices in its professional work, displaying the highest standards in its scholarly work, and offering venues to showcase national and international examples of achievement.”

This is the web space for an exploration of the ethical principle Pursuit of Excellence. We recommend that you go through the web pages step by step but they can also be viewed out of sequence.

If you complete the pre- and post-assessments, you will help the TTU Ethics Center to evaluate how effective these materials are and improve them over time. Thank you in advance for your time and effort.