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Section II | Criminal Justice

Nature of the Job

Within the criminal justice system there are many possibilities for working with adolescent or adult populations. One type of job is in parole and probation which involves monitoring of teens or adults who are on probation and working with them toward rehabilitation goals. Other jobs are in corrections, for example, in juvenile or adult correctional facilities. These jobs usually entail supervision of those within the facility but might also involve program development and implementation, grant writing, and liaison with community agencies and the judicial system. A third possibility within this broad category is law enforcement. If investigative work is of interest to you, consider police departments, FBI, CIA. Many communities have other opportunities such as a Teen Court program, or working with one of the offices of the state Attorney General in the Child Support division devoted to investigative and enforcement work in the collection of child support payments. Another avenue to explore is research or other support positions with law firms or the District Attorney’s office.

Where You Might Work

These positions generally are with local, state, or federal government.


Suggested Areas for Minor/Collateral:

  • Sociology

Suggested Internship Sites for HDFS 4314:

  • Corrections Corporation of America
  • Lubbock Adult or Juvenile Probation
  • Lubbock County Community Corrections Facility
  • Lubbock County Youth Center
  • Lubbock County District Attorney’s Office, Criminal Division
  • Teen Court of Lubbock
  • Texas Attorney General: Child Support Enforcement

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Criminal Justice

Sample Job Descriptions/Ads

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  • Correction Officer
    • Responsible for the safekeeping and supervision of inmates of a federal/state prison or county jail. Protects the public. Serves as a link between inmates and other institutional departments--administrative, medical, social, educational, etc.
  • Police Officer
    • Currently a licensed peace officer in State of Texas or passed the State of Texas licensing examination. Must have completed and received credit for 15 semester hours of college. Compliance with the Texas 40 hour mandate training requirement.
  • Probation/Parole Officer
    • Provide an essential link between the community and the criminal courts. Probation officers bridge the gap between the community and correctional institutions. Gathers information about convicted offenders to assist judge in deciding on suitable sentences; may recommend that some cases be handled by agencies other than the courts; supervises, counsels, and assists offenders who are placed on probation; reports to court on their progress.
  • Probation Officer, Juvenile Probation
    • Interviews, counsels, and supervises juvenile offenders. Background investigations and recommendations to court. One year of casework experience or graduate study.