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Section II | Education

Nature of the Job

Education in one form or another takes place in most job settings, whether involving students in educational settings, interns and new employees, staff and colleagues, or community education. Included here are just a sampling of the many jobs available in educational settings or in careers that would be defined as primarily educational in nature.

Early Childhood

Opportunities for those interested in young children include certification to teach in elementary grades of the public schools; working as a teacher or administrator in preschool programs which may be public, private, or corporate; or working with early intervention programs. The latter, whether funded through the public schools or in other ways, often begin when the children are infants and are primarily directed toward teaching and assisting parents to effectively support the optimal development of their children. A resource for early childhood intervention programs in Texas is: Texas Early Childhood Intervention Programs Directory published by the Texas Ineragency Council on Early Childhood Intervention, Division of Education, Communication & Information, 4900 Lamar, Austin, TX 78751-2399.

Some of these jobs require teacher certification while others do not. The Early Childhood major within HDFS is a teacher certification program. Teacher certification also is available through the College of Education at the post-baccalaureate level. For those interested in school counseling, teacher certification plus three years teaching experience is required in the State of Texas.

Family and Consumer Sciences Secondary Education

HDFS offers an undergraduate major in Family Studies/Family and Consumer Sciences teacher certification. This degree plan leads to teacher certification for teaching at the secondary level in Family and Consumer Sciences/Home Economics. The degree plan includes Human Sciences core courses, specialization courses in family studies, and professional preparation courses including student teaching. Suggested course sequences and information about admission to the teacher certification program are available in the College of Human Sciences Advising Office.

Working with College Students

A variety of careers requiring only a bachelor’s degree are available at colleges and universities. These include work in the areas of student recruitment and admissions, affirmative action programs, career planning and counseling, academic counseling for athletes, supervising residence counselors, foreign-student advisors, veteran’s coordinators, and financial aid counselors. In addition, Offices of Student Affairs typically have a number of people working with student groups, with health-promoting programs on campuses, and with other aspects of student life.

Adult Education

With the increasing nation-wide emphasis on assisting the unemployed to enter or re-enter the work force, opportunities are expanding for those interested in working with adult education. These programs, often funded in part by the business community, may involve basic skill attainment, training in job-related skills, vocational counseling, and referral services for assistance with housing and child care. They may take place in facilities of local agencies, in high schools or universities, in corporations, or in churches.

A second growing area of adult education is in parent education, particularly targeting teen parents. These programs, often grant-supported, may be offered through social service agencies, educational institutions, or through various nonprofit community organizations.

Continuing education is a growing component of colleges and universities. As educational institutions expand their outreach and continuing education efforts, there will be more career opportunities in this area, particularly for those with good computer/internet skills.

Other Educational Opportunities

Jobs in Community Relations often involve community education about the particular agency/organization/corporation and about the domain of concern to the organization including relevant public policy and legislation. For example, large hospitals may have ongoing health education programs and may support community programs consistent with their goals.

Extension programs (in Texas, sponsored by Texas A&M) provide additional opportunities to work in the area of community education. And, for those interested in promoting the arts for both children and adults, museums, symphonies, and local art councils may have positions devoted to education.

Where You Might Work

Public or private elementary and secondary schools, universities, nonprofits, corporations, extension programs, museums and related community services.


Suggested Areas for Minor/Collateral:

For some of these jobs teacher certification is required. The Early Childhood major and the Family Studies/Family and Consumer Sciences majors are certification programs. For other jobs, additional course work in Psychology or Education might be useful.

Suggested Internship Sites for HDFS 4314:

  • Developmental Education Birth Through Two
  • Lubbock Health Dept.—Health Education
  • Lubbock Regional Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse
  • Methodist Hospital Child Development Center
  • Parents as Teachers
  • Second Baptist Child Development Center
  • School Counselor’s Office—Cavazos, Evans, Hutchinson, McKenzie Jr. High Schools, and Smyer ISD
  • South Plains AIDS Resource Center
  • TTU Child Development Research Center
  • TTU Continuing Education Institute for the Gifted
  • TTU Dean of Students Office
  • TTU Upward Bound Program
  • Many other sites have educational components

Additional Sources

NESC Jobs Newsletter

National Education Service Center, PO Box 1279, 625 E. Madison, Riverton, WY 82501. (Weekly listing of education jobs throughout U.S.).

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Sample Job Descriptions/Ads

Click on any of the headings below to view description/ad

  • Early Childhood
    • Director

      National child care company with several locations has an excellent career opportunity for a strong Director to manage the daily operations of our early childhood education location. Preferred candidate should possess a degree in Early Childhood Education or a related field, successful experience in a child care center with management experience and the ability to interact with parents.
    • Head Start Positions

      Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education/Child Development, or ability to obtain CDA Credential within 180 days of hire. Work experience with preschool children in a classroom setting and completion of training/classes related to child development/early education required. Car necessary for work related travel, with working seat belts and liability insurance, mileage reimbursed and a valid drivers license with the ability to obtain a school bus driver’s license.
      Ads also appear in many sources for teaching K-6.
  • Working with College Students
    • Academic Counselor for Athletes

      Assist with monitoring the academic status and satisfactory progress of student athletes. They provide opportunities to enhance the learning abilities of student athletes.
      Job Requirements: Bachelor’s degree accepted, masters degree preferred
    • Admissions Counselor

      Represents college, university, or other institution of higher learning to high school/community college guidance counselors, students, and parents. Disseminates accurate information about employing institution, especially its academic programs, admission procedures, financial aid, scholarships, graduation rates, student life, and housing.
    • Career Planning and Placement Counselors

      Career planning and placement counselors are college personnel workers who assist students to determine a field of work appropriate to their academic background, to seek out prospective employers in that field, and to prepare for interviewing and other job search techniques. The counselor helps students and alumni to examine their interest and skills, to determine a goal, to seek out career opportunities, and to look for appropriate employment. Job Requirements: Masters degree often required.
    • Counseling Specialist

      Bachelor’s Degree in Guidance and Counseling; Social Sciences or related field and two years guidance and counseling experience. Two to four years in Student Services or related area.
    • Financial Aid Director

      Helps create and direct policies and procedures for identification and disbursement of financial assistance for students from federal, state, and institutional sources. Provides advice for enrolled and potential students and their parents.
    • Recruitment Coordinator

      Assists in performing and coordinating recruitment of students to colleges and universities. Exceptional writing, speaking, and interpersonal skills required.
    • Registrar

      Develops policies and procedures for registration of students and maintenance of academic, demographic and enrollment records. Directs staff activities and manages office operations. Works with other administrative officials in developing institutional plans.
    • Student Activities Director

      Develops and implements curricular programs that enhance college students’ learning and development. Promotes cultural, social, and recreational programs for students. Participates in policy development affecting students and student organizations.
      Job Requirements: Usually Master’s degree
    • Student Support Services Project Director

      Administer a new Title IV-funded Student Support Services project for low income, first generation college, and disabled students.
  • Adult Education
    • Adult and Vocational Teachers

      Teach courses that help prepare post high school students and other adults for specific occupations or that provide personal enrichment. Adult education teachers offer basic education courses, such as reading and writing or continuing education courses, such as literature and music. Vocation education teachers offer courses designed to prepare adults for specific occupations, such as computer programmer or automobile mechanic.
    • Education Specialist

      Education specialists administer the educational program in institutions to include adult basic education, general development, and college credit programs.
  • Other Educational Opportunities
    • Americorps Members

      Greater Dallas Community of Churches seeks 47 full time AmeriCorps Members to provide parenting and tutoring services for children and families. Benefits include $8340 living allowance and $4725 educational award which can be used to pay for college or to pay student loans plus health care and child-care benefits.
    • Cooperative Extension Agent

      Cooperative Extension Service agents translate research into practical terms providing information an guidance to growers, families and consumers.
    • Coordinator of Zoo Program

      To oversee youth camp programs throughout the year.
    • County Extension Agent

      Family and Consumer Sciences-A bachelor’s degree in family and consumer sciences in the basic requirement for this position, however, applicants with a master’s degree in family and consumer sciences and a bachelor’s degree in another area will be considered. Demonstrated professional and technical competency and the ability to apply knowledge to the solution of problems; skilled in the program development process; demonstrated ability to work with adults and youth, communicate effectively, cooperate as a team member, utilize a wide variety of effective teaching methods, and respond positively to policy, administration, and supervision. Computer proficiency is preferred.
    • Education Youth Corps Counselor

      Bachelor’s Degree required; Masters preferred; to provide academic, career and personal assessment counseling to participants in inner-city youth programs. Grant funded position offers a full benefits package.
    • Financial Counselors

      Work with consumers in developing family budgets and repayment plans.
    • Health Educator

      Provide counseling and education for persons seeking HIV testing. Also provide community education and outreach and work with a team.
    • Museum Education Specialist

      Assists with development and presentation of informative and educational programming for general public, assists in development, preparation, design implementation and evaluation of materials, and the development of educational programming for exhibits.
    • Volence Prevention Educator

      Provide dating violence education and direct service (include anger management groups) to male teens. Excellent speaking skills; experience with male teens and knowledge of family violence a must.