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Section II | Research: Social Science/Social Service

Nature of the Job

Bachelor’s level positions sometimes are available in social science research, either on a large grant-funded research project or as one component of the mission of a private foundation or public agency. This work might involve interviews or questionnaire administration with families, either by telephone or in person. Other aspects of a research job could include assisting in the preparation of assessment materials and in data analysis. Some corporations also have product development research positions which require behavioral science research techniques and skills.

Where You Might Work

Research jobs of this type are available in university settings either within social science departments or within research institutes. Also look into state or federal agencies that have a mandate to provide evaluation data on the programs they administer.


Suggested Areas for Minor/Collateral:

  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Within the HDFS major, be sure to take one of more research practicums.

Suggested Internship Sites for HDFS 4314:

  • See practicum instructor for community sites offering research experience—this varies from year to year.

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Research: Social Science/Social Service
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Sample Job Descriptions/Ads

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  • Research
    • Comfortable working with children for a study of nearsightedness in children. Recruit and test children, data entry and analysis, and administrative tasks.
  • Research
    • Experience working with psychiatric patients. Experience in conducting psychological interviews and competence with statistics a plus.
  • Research
    • Drug abuse treatment research organization. Thorough knowledge of Word, Excel, and Word for Windows. Design interview forms and maintain records and database.
  • Toys & Game Researchers
    • Involved in several different areas of toy and game production, researchers are trained to study one area or more of the many that are used. Areas such as the educational needs of children, advertising effectiveness, and consumer expectations are topics that the researcher investigates before, during and after production of a new product. Job Requirements: Managerial and creative positions require a college degree for most companies. For researchers and developers there are a variety of possible programs to follow. Child development, elementary education, psychology, sociology, marketing, or business administration are all potential avenues to a career in toy and game production.