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Section III | Sales

Nature of the Job

There are many different kinds of jobs that involve sales, and many different settings in which you might work. A few that may be of particular interest to you are sales of toys and games, pharmaceuticals and health-related products, insurance, real estate, computer products, other retail, and serving as a sales representative for businesses.

Where You Might Work

Any location having a product or service to sell.


Suggested Areas for Minor/Collateral:

  • Marketing, Public Relations, others depending upon area of interest

Suggested Internship Sites for HDFS 4314:

  • Locate sites depending upon interests

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Sample Job Descriptions/Ads

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  • Insurance Agents/Brokers
    • Insurance agents are primarily sales people, offering insurance to prospective buyers. Some are independent, selling many brands of insurance; while others represent a single company. Wither way, agents receive a single commission on the insurance they sell. In addition to selling, however, insurance agents perform certain specialized tasks for their clients. They must be licensed by the state, and they must be able to pass a state examination on their knowledge of regulations that govern the insurance business.
  • Merchandise Brokers
    • Merchandise Brokers: Merchandise brokers are hired by individuals or companies to buy or sell products for them. Unlike merchant wholesalers, brokers do not own the products they buy and sell, but are rather paid a commission on all transactions. Brokers work mainly in select fields, such as foods, grains, and gas and other petroleum products.
  • Sales
    • There are two types of sales workers - those who work in an office and those who do most of their work while on the road. "Inside" sales workers usually work by phone, taking and soliciting orders. They also monitor inventory levels for their customers and process orders. Sales workers must know their products--purpose, construction, durability, quality, and style. Additionally , sales workers must be well acquainted with the best sources of supply for each type of good they purchase.
  • Sales Representative
    • May be employed as a direct sales representative by a manufacturer or other type of company to sell products or services. May be self-employed and sell compatible but non-competitive products for several manufacturers as a manufacturers’ agent/representative. Both types sell to wholesale, retail and corporate buyers or end users.
  • Wholesale Workers
    • Wholesale sales workers sell products to buyers in retail stores and in commercial or industrial companies. They usually represent a wholesaler that does not manufacture products but purchases them for resale. Most sales workers specialize in a certain type of product and work in one region or district. Wholesale sales workers may travel extensively.