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Human Development and Family Studies

Graduate Studies

The Master’s and Ph.D. degree programs in Human Development and Family Studies focus on the development of the individual across the life span as well as interpersonal relationships in multiple contexts. Both degree programs offer flexibility that allows the student to shape a study plan that is consistent with his or her own interests and career goals. Students majoring in HDFS have focused on early childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, life span development, and gerontology. The Department offers coursework and significant faculty expertise in addictions, risk-taking behaviors, program planning and evaluation, gender issues, family violence, childhood abuse, marriage, divorce, blended families, and parenting. Students may take coursework for a minor in risk-taking behavior. Also, on-line master's concentrations in Gerontology and Youth Development are offered in collaboration with the Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance. The fee and tuition conforms to Alliance pricing. Associated with the GPIDEA are three graduate certificate programs. The community of Lubbock offers excellent opportunities for practicum and internship experiences in human service agencies. Program emphases are reflected by the centers and institutes associated with it including:

Post-baccalaureate Ph.D. in HDFS

For students with undergraduate research backgrounds, a post-baccalaureate Ph.D. is available. Applicants must show a history of involvement in research in an undergraduate program or after completion of the undergraduate degree. Applicants must also indicate a strong interest in continuing to conduct research.

When students first enter the program, they proceed as if they are Masters students. They take the same courses and fulfill the same requirements. After the successful defense of the thesis and completion of any required revisions to the thesis, a post-bac Ph.D. student's status changes to Ph.D. student. Post-bac Ph.D. students complete all of the same requirements as other Ph.D. students, except that they are exempt from the application process for the Ph.D. program.

Graduate Studies

Course Information

For more information on this program, please contact the HDFS Department at 806.742.3000.