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HDFS Faculty Research Projects

Current Projects

Dr. Sybil Hart, Ph.D.

  • A 3 year federal grant funded by the National Institute of Health
  • The ELM project is designed to investigate language and memory development in a diverse sample of preschool aged children. We are examining the effectiveness of a new way to interview children about events they have experienced and are assessing the degree to which the effectiveness of this interview protocol is influences by children’s language, classroom abilities, and home and family life.
    We are partnering with the YWCA Head Start program in Lubbock to assist in our data collection.
  • Project Webpage

Elizabeth Sharp

  • Project within Qualitative Research Network (further details and project webpage forthcoming)
Previous Projects

Yvonne Caldera (PI), with former HDFS faculty member Eric Lindsey (Co-PI) and current TTU Health, Exercise, and Sports Science faculty member Anna Tacon (Co-PI)

  • Federally funded study of childcare in Mexican-American families (2001-2004, from the Department of Health and Human Services). The purpose of this longitudinal and cross-sectional study of parents with infants and toddlers (up to 4 years) was twofold. First, it was designed to examine the type and quality of the non-parental childcare used by Mexican-American parents. The second purpose was to explore the normative social and emotional development of these children and the parenting strategies to which they were exposed.

Alan Reifman

  • Federally funded study, Social Networks and College Drinking, 1999-2001
  • Project Webpage

Alan Reifman

  • Federally funded study, Drinking from Ages 13-21 in College and Non-College Youth, 2003-2004