Texas Tech University

Mentor Responsibilities

  • URS should be viewed as an opportunity for the student to learn from my expertise; and thus I will sufficiently mentor my Scholar through face-to-face contact providing my guidance and support.
  • I will provide clear guidelines to the Scholar regarding my expectations for this research.
  • I will provide information about the safety trainings I require to the URS Coordinator.
  • I will do my part to ensure the research Scholar is able to submit his/her timesheet on time to the Honors College every two weeks. As a Mentor, I realize I am required to verify all hours worked by signing the Hours Verification Form for each two-week pay period. In lab situations a graduate level representative may be appointed. A timesheet is a legal document and subject to audit. Falsification of hours reported will result in termination of the Scholar’s position and possible legal action.
  • I understand that Scholars are required to present a poster or a paper in the Spring semester. I will provide my Scholar with my expertise and time as he/she prepares for this event.
  • I agree to give recognition to my Scholar when possible on publications and presentations.
  • I will assist the Honors College with publicity of the URS program by providing information to the URS Coordinator about any publications/presentations resulting from research done with my Undergraduate Research Scholar.