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Do I need to see an Honors advisor one-on-one during orientation?

It depends. Students wishing to take a non-FYE Honors course must see an advisor to receive a permit. Students who only intend to take the mandatory FYE course in their first semester are not required to see an advisor, since registration for our FYE courses does not necessitate receipt of a permit. Our group advising session at 5:00 PM on Day 1 of RRO will cover all necessary information.

How do I know how many spaces are left in the FYE course I want to take?

After deciding which FYE course you wish to take by viewing our FYE course booklet, you may look up the number of spaces left in the course using the Section Search Tool on Raiderlink. The LCG section associated with the FYE you have chosen will have the same number of seats remaining, as students cannot register for one without registering for the other.

Please ensure that the course you are looking at is the FYE section. This will be indicated by the section number, which begins with an "H". You may also reference to CRN numbers.

I want to take a non-FYE Honors course. The Honors College says the course is full, but Raiderlink shows space is available. Which is correct?

The Honors College online course listings are accurate. We control our course enrollments by giving permits for all (non-FYE) Honors courses – we only issue as many permits as there are spaces in any given course. Though Raiderlink does show the number of students actually registered for a course, it cannot show the number of permits issued for an Honors course. When you see empty seats on Raiderlink in a course that appears full (in red) in our online course listing, this indicates that students on the waitlist have been/are being contacted about those open spaces, but have not actually registered yet. Therefore, you should always consult our Course Booklet to see which courses are still available.

I can't get into an FYE that fulfills a degree requirement. Is it still mandatory?

Yes, all incoming freshmen must take a First-Year Experience course in order to retain membership and good standing in the Honors College. We mandate participation in the FYE/LCG program for all entering freshmen because we know that the community you will build among your classmates and peers in the FYE and LCG classrooms will be integral to your successful transition into the Honors College, and we are sure that any FYE course you take will be a very positive first Honors course experience for you.

I cannot register for a non-FYE Honors course. What do I need to do?

In order to register for a non-FYE Honors course, you must speak with an advisor to receive a permit. Once you receive a permit, you will be able to register for that specific course. Permits for non-FYE Honors courses are given on a first-come, first-served basis beginning at 9:30 AM on Day 2 of RRO, to students who have seen their primary advisors and who can present a valid fall schedule.

How do I successfully register for a non-FYE Honors course?

After you receive a permit for a non-FYE Honors course, you will register for that course on Raiderlink as you would any other course. Your Honors permit ensures that your allotted seat is saved for you, so if any errors occur when you attempt to register, please copy or take careful note of the text of the error message(s), then contact the Honors College offices to receive assistance from an advisor.

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