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First-Year Experience Requirement

Regardless of major, all incoming Honors freshmen are required to participate in the Honors College First-Year Experience Program. This program has two components: the First-Year Experience course and the Learning Community Group.

The First-Year Experience (FYE) course is an Honors course specifically designed for newly admitted Honors students. These courses are taught by top faculty across campus and capped at enrollments not exceeding twenty students. Students may select from a varied list of courses based on their degree requirements and/or personal interests. All FYE courses provide some form of core curriculum or lower-level degree credit. See our 2017 FYE course list.

The Learning Community Group (LCG) is a complementary component of the FYE. It is led by two upperclass Honors student mentors whose job it is to help first year students as they transition to university life. Each LCG section is matched to a specific FYE course, so students meet with the same classmates in their LCG section and in their FYE course. All LCG sections provide one hour of course credit, and attendance at all 14 weekly LCG sessions is MANDATORY.

Professors of the FYE courses are often involved in the LCG sections, and the LCG mentors also attend the FYE course lectures (though they are not responsible for helping with the subject matter). The continuous interaction between faculty, student mentors, and newly admitted students fosters an invaluable community for first-year Honors students.

Selecting an FYE Course

A full list of FYE courses and their corresponding LCG sections may be found here: Fall 2017 FYE course list. There is no comprehensive list of FYE courses available on Raiderlink, so please reference the list on our website as you consider your options.

The First-Year Experience Program is a mandatory portion of the Honors curriculum. Incoming freshman Honors students must have an FYE course and its corresponding LCG section on their schedules before the first day of classes or else they will be removed from the College. We recommend finding an FYE course before planning any of your other courses since FYE courses have limited availability and are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Because FYE courses are matched to specific LCG sections, both times must work in your schedule for you to take either. If the LCG time conflicts with a course in your schedule, you must choose a different FYE course altogether. If you are using the Schedule Builder Tool on Raiderlink, it is important to note that the system does not accurately link FYEs to their specific LCGs. Reference the times on our provided list found here: Fall 2017 FYE course list then manually block these times on Visual Schedule Builder before adding other classes. Do not forget to block your LCG time, as well.

FYE Course Availability

FYE courses fill on a first-come, first-served basis during summer registration. If the remaining course choices are not your top preferences, you are still required to make a course selection. Our advisors are happy to provide guidance should you have trouble selecting an FYE course, but we are unable to override students into FYE courses once they have filled.

You may use the Section Search Tool on Raiderlink to see how many spaces are left in any FYE in which you are interested. Using the course’s subject area and course number, view the FYE section by scrolling to the bottom of the page where the Honors section will be listed, and note the number of seats remaining in the middle column.

NOTE: As you look up your FYE course using the subject and course number, several non-FYE sections will appear in the list along with the FYE section. Ensure that you have found the correct section by matching the section number (which will start with an "H"), as well as the CRN number of the course in our listings to those on Raiderlink.

Example: PHIL 2320 — Search on Raiderlink by typing in the course information. PHIL is the subject and 2320 is the course number. Many sections will appear when you type in this information. Scroll down and find sections H01 (sections beginning with "H" always indicate an Honors course and usually appear at the end of the list). If you are still unsure of if you have found the correct section, reference the CRN number. The CRN number for the course you have found on Raiderlink will match the CRN provided in the Honors College listing to ensure you have the correct course. The times should also be identical.

Registering Successfully for a First-Year Experience Course

Registration for FYE courses opens along with general registration on Day 2 of RRO. Unlike non-FYE Honors courses (explained below), students do not need to obtain permission from an Honors advisor before registering for their choosen FYE course.

In order to successfully register for an FYE course on Raiderlink, you must add both the FYE course and its corresponding LCG section to your schedule before clicking "Submit". Our suggested steps for doing so are as follows:

  • Find the CRN numbers for the FYE course and corresponding LCG section on the Fall 2017 FYE course list.
  • Go to the main Add or Drop Courses page on Raiderlink.
  • Select the "Enter CRNs" tab in the top left-hand corner of the page.
  • Enter the CRN for the FYE course you would like to take.
  • Click the "Add Another CRN" link below the first box.
  • Enter the CRN for the LCG section associated with your chosen FYE course.
  • Click "Add to Summary," and the schedule worksheets should appear.
  • Click "Submit" on the bottom right-hand corner of the page, and both classes should be successfully added to your schedule.

Courses with labs: If your FYE course has a lab, you must enter the CRN for the lab at the same time as the other two CRNs. Click "Add Another CRN" a second time in order to do so.

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