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Texas Tech alumna publishes latest dietary wellness book

By Ashley Ryan, College of Human Sciences Marketing and Communications

Jan Tilley's latest addition to her book series guides readers to make informed, healthy choices in how they eat, sleep, exercise, and manage stress.

Jan TilleyAlumna Jan Tilley has recently published her latest book; Eat Well to Be Well...Living Your Best Life Through the Power of Anti-Inflammatory Food. This is the most recent addition to her three book series, which seeks to transform an individual's health vision through the means of preventative medicine.

Jan graduated from Texas Tech with a Bachelor of Science degree in Home Economics in 1979 and a Master's in Nutrition in 1994. Jan currently owns and runs her successful private practice, JTA Wellness, as a Registered Dietician in San Antonio, TX.

"It never ceases to amaze me that food is medicine with an incredible power to heal, repair and maximize the human potential."

Jan says she never expected that she would one day become a celebrated author. Initially, Jan knew that she loved to speak to the public about living healthy lifestyles and making wise choices, so when an agent in Dallas recommended that she write a book in order to be more successful, her writing career took off.

Eat Well to Be Well is a step-by-step guide for reducing inflammation in order to manage and prevent chronic disease. The book guides readers to make informed, healthy choices in how they eat, sleep, exercise, and manage stress.

The book has received written endorsements from the former First Lady, Barbara Bush, and the distinguished Ed Whitacre! All three of her books are available on her website, Jtawellness.com, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other local bookstores.

Jan credits the College of Human Sciences for preparing her for the role of Registered Dietician.

"My education prepared me well for both a clinical practice in dietetics as well as the community, cultural, and food science side of dietetics. My staff teases me to this day because if we get a job applicant or an intern applicant from Texas Tech, I always know they will be a cut above the rest!"

Jan loves to spend her free time with her husband, her four children, and nine grandchildren. Jan dedicates herself to running three to five miles a day and lifting weights in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

When reminiscing about her experiences with the COHS, Jan details the eventful time her and a classmate were completing their food service internship.

"I had to do a food service rotation in Amarillo at the hospital. The girl in my class and I didn't have anywhere to stay, so they gave us a hospital room and we lived there for six weeks! It was dreadful!"

Jan offers advice to any fellow Red Raiders seeking out a Human Sciences career path.

"Network within your community, in medical organizations, and hone your speaking and social skills. Have an 'entrepreneurial spirit' because when the going gets tough (and it will!) you'll need to have the determination to make it work!"