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Human Sciences Day 2018

Human Sciences Day 2018

The College of Human Sciences welcomed in the new year with its first Human Sciences Day event to celebrate the unique aspects of the college. Students were able to gain valuable information from their student organizations before students were led to the festive selfie station and free Chick-fil-A.

Students visited with College of Human Sciences student organizations, academic advisors, and learned about exciting opportunities in the college. Even Raider Red joined the celebration to snag some swag and participate with students and faculty members at the selfie station.

Human Sciences Day 2018Human Sciences Day evolved from an idea brought to the table by the members of the Dean's Leadership Council. Students hoped to celebrate their college by showcasing the student organizations available to students in a fun and informational way.

Associate Dean for Students Mitzi Lauderdale, J.D., CFP® speaks on the event's platform to both reach and inform students of the many ways to enrich their academic journey.

"Overall, the event was rewarding for students and staff alike; the college was proud to partner with the TTU Student Government Association to show students how they can join us in enhancing and improving the human condition."

Human Sciences day allowed student organizations to speak with students and share the opportunities available, with many organizations offering tools to better equip students in their education.

Human Sciences Day 2018"The college has many exceptional services and opportunities available to students," Mitzi said. "This event provided students the chance to meet and make a connection with various organizations in COHS that offer students experiences outside of the classroom which can enhance their overall education."

PFP graduate student Kim Diemer likes that Human Sciences Day offered a more intimate environment to speak with students.

"I spoke with someone for 10 minutes," Kim said. "I think the depth of conversation is something you don't get at larger fairs."

Associate Chair of Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) Mitzi Ziegner attended the event with members of the HDFS student ambassadors, from which they gained a few members to join their team.

"The response to our first ever Human Sciences Day event was overwhelmingly positive," Mitzi Ziegner said. "If I had to guess the part of the day that students enjoyed most, the Chick-fil-a sandwich give away would have to win hands down."

Human Sciences Day 2018Nutritional Sciences graduate student Maliha Hunin from the Graduate Nutrition Organization (GNO) says she liked the exposure her organization received during the event, and hoped it would increase student participation. Maliha said this was the first time her organization has had a booth at a Human Sciences event, and would very much like to do it again.

"I think we should do this more often," Maliha said. "Maybe even once every semester."

The general sentiment from event attendees was that they looked forward to another Human Sciences Day soon.

"Human Sciences is home to a vast amount of resources for students to take advantage of," Personal Financial Planning graduate student Devin DeLapp said. "Today was just a glimpse at the type of opportunities the College of Human Sciences offers its students."

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