Texas Tech University

2018 International Research and Development Seed Grants

Current Round closed as of January 26, 2018

The annual Seed Grant competition reflects the ongoing commitment of the Offices of the Provost, the Vice Presidents for Research at Texas Tech University and the Health Sciences Center, and the International Research and Development Division of the Office of International Affairs to enhancing international research and development activities and scholarship. Funds available include $25,000 to support TTU faculty and $5,000 for HSC faculty. We are especially interested in supporting faculty developing new international relationships that are interdisciplinary and multi-institutional. Supported work should lay the foundations for long-term international academic relationships.

Research and Development Seed Grants are expected to lead to externally-funded projects in any discipline and will not normally exceed $2,000, but a larger award of up to $5,000 may be considered for a more ambitious project with strong department/college endorsement and cost sharing. No more than one proposal may be submitted by a PI in any funding cycle.

Submissions must use the format detailed below and be received via by COB Friday, 26 January 2018. Judges will assess all applications based on the criteria that follow. Priority will be given to junior faculty and those who have not previously received funding through this program; propose activities linked to University, College, or Departmental strategic goals; and whose proposals are likely to have long-term impacts. Departmental or College match is not required but would indicate unit support and be considered in the evaluation, as will the reputation of the proposed collaborator.

Decisions will be announced by 26 February 2018. Recipients must provide evidence that appropriate permissions by IACUC, IRB, and Export Control have been obtained before funds can be transferred.

For preparation assistance contact Reagan Ribordy, Director for International Grants Administration and Partnerships, at 834-2777 or reagan.ribordy@ttu.edu.

Proposal Guidelines

  1. Use the template below to provide information about personnel and identify at least one RFP that the supported work will allow you to apply for within the following year. RFPs for any sum will be acceptable, depending on the standards within the applicant's field.
  2. Funds must be transferred to Departmental accounts and spent within twelve months of receipt of funds.
  3. Submit proposals electronically to Gad Perry, gad.perry@ttu.edu.
  4. Those seeking funds to defray costs to attend a scientific meeting should instead look at the travel grants detailed at International Travel Fund Program.

Application Template:

Submit electronically to Gad Perry (Gad.Perry@ttu.edu) by COB, 26 January 2018

[Together with the signatures of the Department Chair(s) or Center Director(s), and College Dean(s).]

PI Name(s):
Academic rank(s):
Academic college(s) and department(s):
Country of Interest:
Project title:
Project concept (up to 250 words):

Funds requested :

(Provide a detailed budget with breakdown of expenses; examples of acceptable expenses include, but not limited to, coordination of on- or off-campus workshop among team members, international travel, attendance at a grant writing workshop, visit with potential funding agency, hiring a grant writer, etc.)

RFP name, funding agency, deadline, and amount (attach a copy of the RFP, if possible):

Signatures of TTU collaborators:
Signature of supervisors (chair/director and dean):

Final Reporting (If awarded)

Submit electronically to Gad Perry (Gad.Perry@ttu.edu) by 15 February, 2019


Project title:

Collaborating entities:

How did you spend the funds you received from us (up to 100 words describing major expenses):

Progress made on proposal submission (Up to 250 words):