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K-12 Geo FAQ's

Where do I find information regarding program choices?

The K-12 Global Education Outreach [GEO] programs are designed to provide culturally relevant experiences for public, private, and home-school classrooms as well as community groups and organizations. Program information is located under the PROGRAMS& RESERVATIONS tab on our website. This page provides a list of program descriptions and months when they are offered.  After reading the descriptions, simply click on a program name and it will redirect you to the online reservation form. 

How do I know if the program is appropriate for my students?

  • All K-12 programming has been aligned with state standards [TEKS].
  • The K-12 team has studied the language of the standards and will make adjustments to programming based on the grade level and needs of your students.
  • Each K-12 program has a menu of basic options that are used to adjust programming for various grade levels.

What are the basic features of your programs?

Programs might contain some of the following basic features:

  • Introduction to physical and human geography using our 10'x12' floor maps of the continent or region and standards based vocabulary [grade level appropriate]
  • Hands-on examination of artifacts from featured countries
  • Families Video Series for featured countries
  • Hands-on culturally relevant activities and crafts
  • Cultural traditions and celebrations
  • *Special Guests: Interaction with international students, traditional music, and dance performances. [*Performances based on availability of international students or special guests.]
  • Guest lecturers
  • Exhibits

How do I schedule a program?

All programs SHOULD be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance. You can schedule a program by:

  • Completing the online reservation form found on our website. 
  • Go to the PROGRAMS & RESERVATIONS tab on our website. This page provides a list of program descriptions and months when they are offered. After reading the descriptions, simply click on a program name and it will redirect you to the online reservation form.  Complete the form and hit submit.  The form will schedule your reservation in the system.  
  • Upon receipt of your reservation request, a confirmation will be emailed to you. (If you do not receive the confirmation email within 48 hours, please contact our office.) If you need to make changes to your reservation [time, # of students attending, etc.], please contact us as soon as possible.
  • A minimum of 15 students is required for scheduling a program.

What happens if I need to cancel my program?

If there are extenuating circumstances and you must cancel your reservation, please notify us immediately by calling (806) 742-3667. We will make every effort to reschedule your program. However, please be aware that many of our programs include special guests and performances that might not be able to reschedule for a later date. We will do our best to accommodate your requests.

Where are the programs offered?

K-12 programs are offered at the International Cultural Center on the campus of Texas Tech University. We are located at 601 Indiana Avenue [4th and Indiana] - just behind the TTU Museum and across the street from UMC. We also offer our "On the Road Adventures" for schools that cannot visit the ICC, though we highly recommend bringing your students to our beautiful building for the full cultural experience.


  • Some of our programming choices are not offered for "On the Road Adventures". 
  • Special Guests and performances are not part of the basic programming choices for "On the Road Adventures".  Participation and scheduling will be based on their availability. 

[Map to ICC]

When are programs offered?

  • K-12 GEO programs are offered throughout the academic year (September-May).
  • Reservations for evening programs are available for community groups.
  • Typical program times range from 1 ½ to 2 hours long.
  • Choose either a morning or afternoon time for regular programs. Though our online reservation form offers specific program times for scheduling, timing can be adjusted to meet your needs.
  • Seasonal programming for special cultural events and celebrations is offered throughout the year. These programs are scheduled to accommodate large audiences and/or multiple K-12 campuses at once. Students will be divided into groups to rotate through the program activities. Every effort is made to keep campuses/groups together. We do ask that teachers and parents help to chaperone these groups as they move through the program stations.

Do we need chaperones for the program?

One chaperone or teacher is required for every ten (15) students attending the program.

*Note: In addition to being a learning center, the ICC is also a working office building and art gallery. We ask that teachers and chaperones be responsible for monitoring student behavior during programs and when entering and leaving the ICC building.

ICC Building Rules:

-No running.

-No climbing or hanging on rails or exhibits.

-Please do not touch the exhibits or artwork. Do not run hands along the walls when walking through the galleries.

-Do not touch the globe.

Does K-12 GEO charge a fee for programming?

We are pleased to offer our programs FREE of charge to all K-12 audiences as of November 2016.  K-12 GEO does charge a small fee of $3.00 / person for college and community group programming.  If you have questions regarding these fees, please feel free to contact our office @ 806-742-3667. 

Our programs are supported by grant funding and donations.  If you would like to help support our K-12 GEO mission,  there is a DONATE to K-12 button at the bottom of our HOME page. All donations received are processed through the Texas Tech Institutional Advancement office and will be used to support K-12 GEO programming.

How do we pay for programs?

  • The cost of your program is based on the number of people in attendance.There is no charge for K-12 programs. There is a $3.00/person charge for college and community group programs.
  • We accept checks, debit cards, or purchase ordersNO CASH!
  • Payment can be mailed prior to your program to: Office of International Affairs,Attn: ICC/K-12 GEO, 601 Indiana Ave., Lubbock, Texas 79409-5004 or you may pay upon arrival.
  • Payments must be for the exact amount of the program. Make checks and PO's payable to: OIA/K-12 GEO Programs.

Can you accommodate people with special needs?

Yes, accommodations can be made for persons with disabilities or special needs when you make your reservation or by contacting the office one week in advance of scheduled programming. Contact us: 806.742.3667

Do you allow students on field trips to eat lunch on site?

No, the ICC does not allow students to eat lunch on site. The building does not have space-inside or outside- to accommodate students for lunch or snacks.  Also, we are not allowed to have students running, playing, or eating outside on the building grounds.  If students are outside waiting on buses to arrive, they must be seated and monitored by teachers and chaperones at all times.

Do you create customized programs upon request?

Unfortunately, due to our high volume of requests we cannot customize regular programming at this time. We offer a wide variety of programs and our basic menu of options allows some flexibility in creating a program that will meet your needs. For middle school and high school reservation requests, we can schedule guest speakers and international student / cultural exchange visits to discuss current issues upon request.

Do you offer Travel Trunks for your programs?

K12 GEO no longer offers Travel Trunks. Our "On the Road Adventures" replaces the need for Travel Trunks. These "adventures" offer many of the same program choices as seen at the ICC, but are delivered in your classroom instead. "On the Road Adventures"are denoted with OTR  in the program descriptions on our PROGRAMS & RESERVATIONS page.

Do you loan out items from the K-12 GEO Program for classrooms?

The majority of our items are donated artifacts from foreign countries that are both fragile and irreplaceable. Therefore, K-12 does not loan or check out any of its items.

Do you offer programs in the summer?

  • K-12 GEO offers programming from September - August each academic year. You can access specific programming information under the PROGRAMS & RESERVATIONS tab on our website.  K-12 GEO has only four staff members- two of which are part-time and do not work during the summer.  Therefore, the summer months are used to develop new curriculum and programs for the upcoming academic year.  
  • K-12 GEO also offers professional development workshops for educators in Region 17 throughout the year.

How do I volunteer?

We are always in need of volunteers for our programming. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact our office @ 806-742-3667.  Volunteers are required to complete background checks and a volunteer application prior to participation in any of our programs. 

Do you offer scholarships or funding for schools/students who can't afford the cost of participating in your programs?

No, at this time we do not offer any scholarships or funding for those who cannot afford to participate in programming. However, we do have a DONATE to K-12 button at the bottom of our HOME page. These funds are processed through the Texas Tech Institutional Advancement office and will be used to fund the following (unless otherwise requested by the donor):

  • sponsor a school field trip,
  • new program development and resources,
  • traveling artists,
  • performers,
  • and guest speakers.

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