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Natural Resource Management Professor Awarded Two Prestigious Grants!

Dr. Michael Farmer

Dr. Michael Farmer is an Associate Professor with appointments in both the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics as well as the Department of Natural Resource Management. Historically he has researched the relationship between humans, land use, and water allocation, but of late, he has spent a great deal of time in the Montane tropical “cloud” forests of Malaysian Borneo. It is this work that garnered him two prestigious grants, a Fulbright Award and a National Science Foundation Award.

Twice during the 20th century, the British empire clear-cut the montane cloud forests of the Borneo Highlands before returning control of these forests to the indigenous Kadazan and Dusun producers. For his Fulbright, Dr. Farmer will work with the local farmers and the University of Malaysia in Sabah (UMS) to try and restore the native forest and canopy through the initiatives of local stakeholders. This research will focus not only on the agricultural side of things, but also build on the economic governance work of Nobel Prize winner Elinor Ostrom to help the indigenous producers to produce sustainable economic entrepreneurial models without the need of central authorities.

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Alumni FocusJohnny

Dr. Johnny Laforêt, Masters of Arts in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition

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Staff SpotlightAdrianna Sotelo

Adrianna Sotelo, Accounting & Finance Coordinator

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Student highlightFaraz Harsini

Faraz Harsini, a graduate student from Iran pursuing a PhD in Biomedical Sciences and a Master’s in Music.

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