Texas Tech University

Study Abroad Insurance

Students participating study abroad programs at Texas Tech will be covered for health, accident, emergency evacuation, and repatriation of remains. Insurance coverage depends on the program location and is mandatory, even if students are covered by another policy.

Programs Hosted by the TTU Center in Sevilla

Students participating on a program hosted by the TTU Center in Sevilla, Spain, will receive health and accident insurance coverage from Sanitas. Evacuation and repatriation of remains coverage is provided by STA Travel / ISIC. The cost of the insurance coverage is included in the TTU Center program fees.

Students do not need to enroll in the Sanitas policy, as this will be done by the TTU Center staff members. Students are responsible for obtaining an ISIC card with the corresponding insurance coverage. 

Questions about the insurance policies for programs hosted by the TTU Center in Sevilla, Spain, should be directed to the Sevilla Center Coordinator.

All Other Programs

For all other programs, insurance coverage is provided under a group policy contracted by the Texas Tech University System. For details of the coverage provided, please see the Texas Tech University Program Summary Document. The insurance policy is provided by OnCall International. The policy has no deductible, no co-pay, and no network. Students can learn more about the coverage by watching a short YouTube clip.

Students will be enrolled in the OnCall International insurance policy by the Texas Tech Study Abroad Office and will be billed for the policy through Student Business Services. The invoice amount is calculated using the number of days in the program and coverage costs $2.57 per day.

Questions about the insurance policy for all other program locations should be directed to your Study Abroad Advisor or directly to OnCall International.

Coverage Before/After Your Study Abroad Program

Students who wish to have insurance for personal travel before or after the program must purchase this additional coverage separately.