Texas Tech University


  • Any aid awarded (grants, loans, or scholarships) for a semester can be used toward Study Abroad.
  • Before being awarded aid, all students must complete Enrollment Certification on My Tech making sure to include all study abroad hours in the appropriate term.
  • Aid will disburse 10days before classes begin on campus. Students participating in programs in which tuition is paid to another institution/organization will receive a refund through their student account to pay the program costs once aid is disbursed on campus. Most of these programs will provide students with a Verification of Aid form to be completed by Nikki Nordell in Financial Aid that will let them know the amount of aid and the date of disbursement.
  • To be eligible for aid in a summer term, students must be enrolled in 6 or more hours. This could be 6 hours all one term or a combination equaling 6 over the summer. The hours must be through TTU.
  • Loans must be awarded and accepted during the term to be disbursed. A loan accepted after the end of a term will not be disbursed.