Texas Tech University

Study Abroad Program Development Funding Initiative

Program Development

The Office of International Affairs provides limited funding for faculty-led study abroad program development. In accordance with OIA's strategic plan, the goal of this funding is to support the professional development of faculty, and increase the internationalization of the campus community. Faculty-led programs offer innovative opportunities for students by expanding the classroom around the world. Funds may be used for site visits for developing new study abroad programs.

Other Professional Development Opportunities

In addition to offering the funding for a site visit in order to develop a faculty-led study abroad program, the Study Abroad Office offers faculty leaders the opportunity to participate in other professional development opportunities to prepare for their program abroad. For example, in an effort to ensure that faculty have the skills necessary to encourage student intercultural development, the Study Abroad office may fund participation in a conference focused on this topic.

Example professional development opportunities may include:

If you have additional professional development ideas related to your faculty-led study abroad program, please contact the Faculty-Led Program Administrator for funding approval.

Please Note

The Funding Request deadline has passed for 2017. Please check back in January, 2018, to complete the Funding Request for 2018.