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Burak AksakBurak Aksak, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.7756
F: 806.742.3540
  • Development of bio−inspired devices for adhesion, sensing, actuation and energy harvesting.
  • Multi−functional, self−sufficient systems which exploit the increased surface−to−volume ratio and the high sensitivity of micro/nano structures.
Ed AndersonEd Anderson, Ph.D.ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.0362
F: 806.742.3540
  • Student Learning
  • Heat Transfer
  • Energy Conservation
Alan BarhorstAlan Barhorst, Ph.D.ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.4951
F: 806.742.3540
  • Multi−Body, Elasto−Dynamics, and Control
  • Bio−Mechanics
  • Fluid−Structure Interaction
  • NDE (Acoustic Emission)
  • Parametric Optimization
  • Robotics
  • Vibrations
Jordan BergJordan Berg, Ph.D.Professor and Co-Director of Nano Tech CenterEmail
P: 806.834.4332
F: 806.742.3540
  • Modeling, Design, Control, and Fabrication of Microsystems
  • Control of Non−Linear Systems
  • Microsensors
  • Bifurcations, Unfoldings, and Singularities of Control Systems
Sukalyan BhattacharyaSukalyan Bhattacharya, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.7212
F: 806.742.3540
  • Low Reynold's Number Hydrodynamics
  • Turbulence and Turbulent Scalar Transport
  • Statistical Mechanics
Jerzy BlawzdziewiczJerzy Blawzdziewicz, Ph.D.Associate Chair, Director of Graduate Studies, and ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.0496
F: 806.742.3540
  • Theoretical & Numerical Descriptions of Complex Materials Ranging From:
    • Colloidal Suspensions
    • Functional Nanocomposite Membranes
    • Metallic Glasses
    • Soft Biological Matter
Luciano CastilloLuciano Castillo, Ph.D.Don Kay and Clay Cash Foundation Engineering Chair in Wind Energy and ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.4355
F: 806.742.3540
  • Modeling & Experimental Wind Energy Array
  • Single−Blade Aerodynamics for Turbine Blades
  • Multi−Scale & Asymptotic Methods in Turbulent Boundary Layers
  • Experimental, Theoretical, & Numerical Fluid Mechanics
  • Forced Convection Heat Transfer
Jharna ChaudhuriJharna Chaudhuri, Ph.D., P.E.Department Chair and ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.0508
F: 806.742.3540
  • Luminescent Nano−Materials
  • Wide Band Gap Semiconductors
  • High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy
  • Synchrotron X−Ray Topography
  • High Resolution X−Ray Diffraction
Hanna ChoHanna Cho, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.7663
F: 806.742.3540
  • Nonlinear dynamics in micro/nanomechanical systems
  • Multi-physical dynamics arising in scanning probe microscopy systems
  • Micro/nanomechanical structures
Gordon ChristopherGordon Christopher, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.4725
F: 806.742.3540
  • Interfacial and bulk rheology using microfluidics and other novel techniques
Ming ChyuMing Chyu, Ph.D., P.E.Associate Chair, Director of Undergraduate Studies, and Professor; Coordinator of M.Eng. Healthcare Engineering OptionEmail
P: 806.834.8982
F: 806.742.3540
  • Healthcare Engineering
  • Thermal Fluid Sciences
  • Energy Systems
Stephen Ekwaro-OsireStephen Ekwaro-Osire, Ph.D., P.E.Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Programs, ProfessorEmail
P: 806.742.3451
F: 806.742.3493
  • Engineering Design
  • Vibrations
  • Orthopaedic Biomechanics
  • Engineering Education
Atila ErtasAtila Ertas, Ph.D.Professor & Director of Transdisciplinary StudiesEmail
P: 806.834.5788
F: 806.742.3540
  • Transdisciplinary Design
  • Test Method Development
  • Experimental & Theoretical Study of Nonlinear Dynamics
  • Random Vibration
  • Acoustics
Zhaoming HeZhaoming He, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.7480
F: 806.742.3540
  • Heart−Valve Tissue Mechanics
  • Cardiovascular Mechano−Biology
  • Cardiovascular Medical Devices
Qing HuiQing Hui, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.7097
F: 806.742.3540
  • Coordinated control and swarm optimization of large-scale physical network systems
  • Modeling, analysis, and algorithm design for threat detection and design experimental systems
  • Energy equipartition control and entropy-based optimization for cyber-physical network systems
  • Optimal, robust, and adaptive control for resilience of multi-layer and multi-dependent networks
  • Cybersecurity control based on hybrid and switched systems analysis and control techniques
Fazle HussainFazle Hussain, Ph.D.President's Distinguished Chair in Engineering and Science, Senior Adviser to the President, and Professor of Mechanical EngineeringEmail
P: 806.834.7805
F: 806.742.3540
  • Vortex dynamics, turbulence, and measurement techniques
  • Coherent structures in fluid turbulence
  • Holography
  • Flow noise and flow control
  • Cardiovascular dynamics
  • Modeling cancer growth
  • Nanomedicine and nanotechnology
Alexander IdesmanAlexander Idesman, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.2606
F: 806.742.3540
  • Computational Mechanics Including:
    • Finite Element Method: Time−Integration Methods for Elastodynamics, Numerical Algorithms for Wave Propogation in Solids, and Numerical Algorithms for Nonlinear Problems
    • Multiscale Approach: Inelastic Materials at Small & Large Strains (Metals, Rocks, Polymers, Composite Materials), Phase Transitions & Twinning, and Contact Interaction
    • Metal Forming: Modeling of Technological Processes, Diamond Synthesis, and Design Optimization of High−Pressure Apparatuses
  • Continuum Mechanics
    • Constitutive Equations for Elastoplastic Materials at Finite Strains
    • Phase Transformations in Elastic & Inelastic Materials
    • Shape Memory Alloys
    • Strength & Durability of Materials & Structures
    • High−Pressure Mechanics
Darryl JamesDarryl James, Ph.D., P.E.ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.3386
F: 806.742.3540
  • Physical Simulation of Tornado−Like Vortices
  • Computational & Experimental Fluid Mechanics
  • Combined−Mode Heat Transfer & Fluid Mechanics
  • Turbulence−Enhanced Heat Transfer
Alan JankowskiAlan Jankowski, Ph.D.ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.5203
F: 806.742.3540
  • Material Properties
  • Nanostructured Materials
  • Phase Transformations
  • Microstructure & Microscopy
  • Synthesis & Processing
  • Nanotechnology
Jungkyu (Jay) KimJungkyu (Jay) Kim, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.6106
F: 806.742.3540
  • High-throughput gene/protein analysis
  • Biosensor and Bioelectronics
  • Programmable microfluidic platform
  • Point-of-Care diagnostics
  • Cell and Tissue engineering and Biomechanics
Golden KumarGolden Kumar, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.8123
F: 806.742.3540
  • Bio-inspired structures in metals
  • Materials properties at multiple scales: effect of size and structure
  • Unconventional nano-fabrication techniques
  • Environmental and health issues related to processing of nano-materials
Todd LillianTodd Lillian, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.8542
F: 806.742.3540
  • Biophysics
  • Dynamics & Vibrations
  • Cable Dynamics
Yanzhang MaYanzhang Ma, Ph.D.ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.3633
F: 806.742.3540
  • Diamond Anvil Cell High−Pressure Techniques
  • Laser−Heating High−Temperature Technique
  • Stress & Strain Under High−Pressure
  • Synchrotron X−Ray Measurement
  • High−Pressure Spectroscopy Measurements
  • High−Pressure & High−Temperature Phase Transformation
  • High−Pressure Synthesis
  • High−Pressure Electronic Properties
  • Nano−Materials
  • Energy & Superhard Materials
  • Behavior of Minerals Under High−Pressure & Temperature
Tim MaxwellTim Maxwell, Ph.D.ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.8799
F: 806.742.3540
  • Automotive Systems
  • Alternative Fuels
  • Wind Engineering
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
Hanna MoussaHanna Moussa, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.6271
F: 806.742.3540
  • Radiation safety and control
  • Dose and risk assessment
  • Radiation protection and detection
  • Radiation transport and modeling
  • Radiation shielding
  • Space radiation
  • Nuclear and radiological instrumentations
Michelle PantoyaMichelle Pantoya, Ph.D.J. W. Wright Regents Chair in Mechanical Engineering and ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.3733
F: 806.742.3540
  • Energetic Materials
  • Combustion
  • Experimental Heat Transfer
Siva ParameswaranSiva Parameswaran, Ph.D.ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.8255
F: 806.742.3540
  • Designing better High frequency Oscillating Ventilators (HFOV) for critical care Pulmonary Medicine
  • Modeling far-wake development behind wind turbine with swirl
  • Developing computational models for turbine-turbine interaction in off-shore wind farms
  • Developing unsteady, turbulence models for accurate prediction of lift-coefficients for flow around bluff bodies
  • Numerical issues of a thermal model for a battery system
Jingjing (Jenny) QiuJingjing (Jenny) Qiu, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.8076
F: 806.742.3540
  • Modeling & Simulation of Micro/Nano Flow
  • Multiscale Composites
  • Biological Materials
Jahan RastyJahan Rasty, Ph.D., P.E., M.B.A.ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.6571
F: 806.742.3540
  • Materials Performance & Behavior Characterization
  • Component Failure Analysis & Investigation
  • Manufacturing
  • Mechanical Metallurgy
  • Numerical Modeling of Large−Strain Manufacturing Processes: Tube Drawing, Extrusion, Rolling, & Forging
  • High Strain−Rate and High Heating−Rate Characterization of Materials
  • Characterization of Materials Behavior Subject to Explosives Detonation
  • Effect of High−Velocity Impact on Materials Behavior & Performance
  • Friction & Slip−Resistance of Walkway Surfaces for Reduction of Slip−and−Fall Incidents
Beibei RenBeibei Ren, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.6692
F: 806.742.3540
  • Nonlinear System Control Methods and Algorithm Design:
    • Robust Control
    • Adaptive Control
    • Neural Networks
    • Boundary Control of Systems Modeled by PDEs
    • Real-time Optimization Using Extremum Seeking
  • Applications:
    • Helicopter Systems
    • MEMS
    • Marine/Offshore Systems
    • Laser Systems for Semiconductor Manufacturing
    • Wind Energy Systems and Smart Grid Integration
Jian ShengJian Sheng, Ph.D.Whitacre Endowed Chair in Mechanical Engineering and Associate ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.8458
F: 806.742.3540
  • Complex Transport phenomenon near an oil-water interface
  • Hydrodynamic interactions of bacteria and micro-organisms with complex boundaries
  • Development of novel bio-inspired surfaces using Nano/micro-fabrication
  • Biofilm initiation and formation
  • Biological and biomedical fluid mechanics
  • Advanced sustainable energy systems
  • Turbulence and wall bounded flow phenomenon
  • Advanced laser diagnostic measurement technology
Craig SnoeyinkCraig Snoeyink, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.0539
F: 806.742.3540
  • Microfluidics
  • Micro-Particle Tracking Velocimetry and Particle Image Velocimetry
  • Super-Resolution Imaging
  • Biomedical Imaging
James YangJames Yang, Ph.D.Associate ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.6746
F: 806.742.3540
  • Bioengineering, Biomechanics, & Bio−inspired Systems
  • Healthcare Engineering
  • Robotic & Multibody Dynamic Systems
  • Traffic Safety Systems
  • Modeling & Simulation of Wellbore Systems
Changdong YeoChangdong Yeo, Ph.D.Assistant ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.5452
F: 806.742.3540
  • Phase transition and oxidation of carbon products under dynamic contact
  • Integrated research on mechanics and magnetic/electrical performance of materials
  • Atomic-scale & continuum scale simulation of thermomechanical material behavior
  • Surface coatings: corrosion and wear inhibitor under extreme environments
  • Dynamic adhesion mechanics of thin films

Supporting Faculty

Guillermo ArayaGuillermo Araya, Ph.D.Research Assistant ProfessorEmail
P: 806.834.7076
F: 806.742.3540
  • CFD of Turbulent Incompressible & Compressible Flows
  • Wind Energy Array Modeling
  • DNS, LES, RANS, & URANS Turbulence Modeling
  • Heat Transfer
  • Flow Control
Zeina KhanZeina Khan, Ph.D.Research Assistant ProfessorEmail
P: 806.742.3563
F: 806.742.3540
  • Single cell mechanics and disease
  • Dynamics of multicellular organisms
  • Dynamics of complex fluids
Carsten WestergaardCarsten Westergaard, Ph.D.Professor of PracticeEmail
P: 806.742.3563
F: 806.742.3540
  • Wind energy technology and innovation
  • Aero-elasticity, Fluid structure interaction
  • Aerodynamics
  • Turbulence, fluid mechanics
  • Optical Measurement technology
  • Microfluidics

Lecturers & Instructors

Colleen BergColleen Berg, M.S., P.E.InstructorEmail
P: 806.834.6498
F: 806.742.3540
Dave BransonDave Branson, B.S., P.E.InstructorEmail
P: 806.742.3563
F: 806.742.3540
Scott FanningScott Fanning, B.S., P.E.InstructorEmail
P: 806.742.3563
F: 806.742.3540
George GrayGeorge Gray, M.S.InstructorEmail
P: 806.834.2082
F: 806.742.3540
Seon HanSeon Han, Ph.D.InstructorEmail
P: 806.834.7863
F: 806.742.3540
Jeff HansonJeff Hanson, Ph.D.InstructorEmail
P: 806.834.8650
F: 806.742.3540
Andrew MosedaleAndrew Mosedale, M.S.InstructorEmail
P: 806.834.6146
F: 806.742.3540

Adjunct Faculty

Jamie ChapmanJamie Chapman, Ph.D.Adjunct InstructorEmail
P: 806.742.3563
F: 806.742.3540
Olkan Cuvalci, Ph.D.Adjunct Instructor
P: 408.563.8301
Javad HashemiJavad Hashemi, Ph.D.Adjunct InstructorEmail
P: 806.742.3563
F: 806.742.3540
Valery LevitasValery Levitas, Ph.D.Adjunct Instructor
Raul Martinez-ZaguilanRaul Martinez-Zaguilan, Ph.D.Adjunct InstructorEmail
P: 806.742.3563
F: 806.742.3540
Derrick TateDerrick Tate, Ph.D.Adjunct InstructorEmail
P: 806.742.3563
F: 806.742.3540


PhotoFirst NameLast NameTitleOfficePhoneEmail
Veronica EllisVeronicaEllisUnit SupervisorME
Marco FornariMarcoFornariEngineerME
Jacob GraceJacobGraceUndergraduate Academic AdvisorME
Ronda IngleRondaIngleUnit CoordinatorME
Isaac MoraIsaacMoraSenior TechnicianME
D`Maris MurilloD`MarisMurilloAcademic AdvisorME
Mary Ann PottsMary AnnPottsExecutive AssociateME
Erica RomeroEricaRomeroUnit Coordinator and Graduate Academic AdvisorME