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Alexander Idesman, Ph.D.


Alexander Idesman,Computational Mechanics Including:,Finite Element Method: Time−Integration Methods for Elastodynamics, Numerical Algorithms for Wave Propogation in Solids,and Numerical Algorithms for Nonlinear Problems,Multiscale Approach: Inelastic Materials at Small & Large Strains (Metals, Rocks, Polymers, Composite Materials), PhaseTransitions & Twinning, and Contact Interaction,Metal Forming: Modeling of Technological Processes, Diamond Synthesis, and Design Optimization of High−Pressure Apparatuses,Continuum Mechanics,Constitutive Equations for Elastoplastic Materials at Finite Strains,Phase Transformations in Elastic & Inelastic Materials,Shape Memory Alloys,Strength & Durability of Materials & Structures,High−Pressure Mechanics
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