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Master of Science Overview

Program Requirements

The Graduate School of Texas Tech University sets the policies and regulations regarding admission, minimum grade requirements, final examinations, and other such items of interest to the student. Students should obtain and study the current Graduate Catalog in order to be familiar with these regulations. This Procedures Manual presents information specifically concerning the Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (M.S.M.E.).

The M.S.M.E. is a graduate degree requiring an additional 18 to 24 months of study beyond the undergraduate degree, B.S.M.E. Currently, the Department offers the three master's program options: thesis, report, and coursework only. Students interested in pursuing each program option must select and designate a major area of study from the four streams available: 1. Solid Mechanics, 2. Thermofluids and Heat Transfer, 3. Dynamics and Controls, and 4. Design. Students are required to submit a degree plan during their first semester. For information about degree plans as well as the form, click here.

For the Department of Mechanical Engineering policies and graduation requirements for the MS Program, please use the ME Graduate Student Handbook.

Academic Regulations

Academic Probation and Suspension of Graduate Students (OP 64.04)

All graduate students at Texas Tech University must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. If a student’s cumulative GPA falls below 3.0, he/she is placed on academic probation. At this time, the student has two consecutive semesters to raise his/her cumulative GPA to at least 3.0. If during this two semester period, his/her semester GPA drops below a 3.0, the student is subject to suspension.

A student placed on suspension will be required to remain out of Graduate School for one semester. If a student is suspended two times, he/she will not be allowed to return to Graduate School. Any student who has been suspended must appeal to the Graduate School, according to OP 64.07, if reinstatement is desired. Summer sessions and/or trimester count as one semester.

Faculty Advisor & Advisory Committee

Each graduate student must have a Faculty Advisor from the Graduate Faculty of the Department of Mechanical Engineering to advise them on academic, thesis, or report matters. The Department Graduate Advisor will temporarily serve as the Faculty Advisor for each student during the student’s first semester in the master’s degree program. Each student should choose a permanent Faculty Advisor by the end of the first semester of attendance and report this advisor to the Department Graduate Advisor. The Faculty Advisor will assist the student with the selection of a thesis or report topic and the courses needed to satisfy the requirements of the M.S.M.E. degree.

Students pursuing an M.S.M.E. degree with a thesis or report option must have an Advisory Committee to assist with academic and thesis matters. This committee is chaired by the Faculty Advisor and consists of the Faculty Advisor and a minimum of two additional graduate faculty members for the thesis option and a minimum of one additional graduate faculty member for the report option. This committee is responsible for approval of the student’s thesis/report. This committee should be selected as soon as possible after the student has selected a Faculty Advisor and before the second semester of enrollment. Committee membership is formalized when the student files the Official Degree Program and Admission to Candidacy.

Graduate Seminar

One hour of graduate seminar (ME 5120) is required for all students. Students register for this course in their first full−time graduate semester and are required to attend 10 presentations each semester until they graduate. This may include any of the Department of Mechanical Engineering seminars, as well as any external seminars approved by the ME Graduate Advisor.

Students may find a seminar themselves and bring an abstract to the Advising Office IN ADVANCE for approval. In either case, a feedback sheet must be picked up from the Advising Office before attending any seminars and it must be turned in to the Advising Office as soon as possible afterwards.

Final Examination

All MS students must pass a final examination before graduating. The final examination requires a synthesis and application of knowledge acquired during the course of study and research leading to the master’s degree; no student should expect the evaluation to be based solely on performance in the classroom. A student who fails the final examination may repeat it after a period of two months or more.

Thesis and Report Options

Both the thesis and report options require a final presentation that is either the thesis defense or the report presentation. This final presentation, along with any questions asked of the candidate (including questions over the student’s course work), constitute the final examination.

Coursework Option

The MS course−work only option requires a final examination to be administered by an assigned faculty member. The exam will be geared toward the student’s selected program. Coursework students should check with the Graduate Advisor regarding the format of the exam.

Minimum Residence

The minimum residence time for an M.S.M.E. is one full academic year, or its equivalent, of graduate work carrying residence credit. Part-time enrollment is evaluated on a fractional basis.

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