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Sibling Saturday FAQ

Texas Tech University double-t represents tradition, pride, and school identity

What do I need to register for Sibling Saturday?
Be sure to have all needed information before you register, including:

  • uploadable photo of all sibling participants for their Future Red Raider ID cards.  Photos should jpeg or png format,  300 pixels by 300 pixels and not exceed 50KB.  Please use the sibling's name in the photo file name so we can make sure to put the correct name on the ID. 
  • printer handy to print the Rock Wall Waiver, should your children want to use the Rock Wall during Sibling Saturday
  • Credit or debit card handy to pay the registration fees.

What is the cost for Sibling Saturday?
The registration fee for Sibling Saturday is $35 per participant. Both TTU student(s) and sibling(s) must pay the $35 registration fee, which includes an official Sibling Saturday T-shirt, a back sack, meals, and activities.

My child is not in the 8-15 year age range. Can he/she still participate?
We ask that all Sibling Saturday non-TTU student participants be between the ages of 8 and 15. Activities are designed for that age range. Children outside this age range are welcome to visit TTU students any time either with their families or on their own—Family Weekend and athletic events are perfect opportunities for visits to Campus. Prospective students 16 and up should contact the Visitors Center at 806-742-1299 to schedule a Texas Tech tour!

My child has a severe food allergy.  How is this accounted for during Sibling Saturday meals?
When registering, you can indicate special dietary needs and we will do our best to accommodate requests for vegetarian, gluten-free, and specific food allergies.  However, we cannot guarantee food vendors prepare food in allergen-free conditions, nor can we guarantee that other visitors to facilities such as the Student Union or Student Rec Center will not have food or recent contact with food that contains allergens. 

Can I attend Sibling Saturday activities with my child?
We understand parents, other family members, or friends of the family might need to drive their child to Lubbock to participate in Sibling Saturday, but we encourage you to let the weekend's activities occur between the TTU student and the sibling, unless otherwise indicated on the schedule. Meal counts only include registered participants. This might be a wonderful opportunity for you to see Lubbock and relax on your own.

Where does my child sleep at night?
Your child may stay overnight at any of the options listed below:

  • With you in a hotel/motel
  • With their family member of the same gender in the residence halls—siblings staying in residence halls must CHECK IN with residence hall office by 11:00 PM—staff will contact parents if not checked in. Students should coordinate with their roommate(s). Siblings should bring a sleeping bag/pillow with them.
  • With a trusted friend of the TTU student who lives in the residence halls and is of the same gender—siblings staying in residence halls must CHECK IN with residence hall office by 11:00 PM—staff will contact parents if not checked in. Students should coordinate with their roommate(s). Siblings should bring a sleeping bag/pillow with them.
  • With their family member/family friend residing in an off-campus apartment/house

Texas Tech Housing guest policies apply for this event, which include guests of TTU students living in the residence halls to be of the same gender. Please choose the option above that will work best for you and your student and comply with residence hall policies.

Do participants have to be the brother/sisters of the enrolled student?
Not at all. While many of the participants will be actual siblings, if the participant is a close family friend, cousin, son or daughter of the student, this is perfectly fine. We do ask that the TTU student always accompany the non-student participant during all Sibling Saturday events.

My TTU student can only participate in some of the Sibling Saturday activities. Can his little brother still participate?
The TTU student must always accompany the non-student participant during all Sibling Saturday activities. Unaccompanied guests are not allowed at Sibling Saturday activities, the residence halls, or the Student Rec Center.

Can more than 1 sibling participant attend with the Texas Tech student?
Up to three siblings per TTU student are allowed.

Are TTU chaperones present during activities listed on the schedule?
University staff and student volunteers will be present with participants at all scheduled activities. After the scheduled activities end, university staff and volunteers will not be on hand to assist Sibling Saturday participants. TTU students will be responsible for their siblings if they are staying with them in the residence halls. TTU students AND their guests must abide by the Student Code of Conduct and residence hall policies. Parents concerned about their TTU students' level of responsibility for their siblings should choose to have their children stay with them in a hotel during Sibling Saturday.

Who is called in case of an emergency?
The parent or guardian is called in case of emergency. This contact information is collected on the registration form when signing up.

Are refunds allowed?
There are no refunds for Sibling Saturday registration. Make sure the TTU student and the sibling are both prepared to participate before registering. It might be wise to wait until the spring semester begins so your TTU student knows his/her test and assignment schedule before registering for Sibling Saturday.

Will my child need spending money?
It depends. All meals listed on the schedule are provided with the registration cost. Your child will only need additional spending money if the student and sibling choose to incur costs during scheduled free time or if they would like to purchase items at the bookstore or other places on campus.