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Residence Hall Policies

It is the responsibility of all students to know and understand the regulations or standards of acceptable behavior as a Texas Tech University student and as a student living in the Residence Halls. Residents should also be aware of the policies and procedures in the:

Conditions and Restrictions

NOTE: All students must comply with the conditions and restrictions of the University Student Housing (USH) contract, the USH and Hospitality Services (HS) Contract Guide, the TTU Student Handbook, TTU Operational Procedures, and the TTUS Regents Rules which contain additional information regarding expected behavior while a student at Texas Tech University. All state and federal laws apply to students living in the residence halls.

Student Conduct Violations

The following policies, as well as those mentioned above, apply to students living in the Residence Halls at Texas Tech University. Students who are alleged with violating these policies will be contacted by the Office of Student Conduct or University Student Housing staff members in person, through mail, or through their Texas Tech email.

If you receive notice from the Office of Student Conduct of an alleged violation(s), you may reference the specific violation below or Download the Residence Hall Policies.

Alcohol Containers

Students under the age of 21 may possess a maximum of two empty alcohol containers (i.e. beer bottle, wine or champagne bottle) which must be cleaned and used for decoration only. Collection of beer cans/ bottles, wine bottles, or shot glasses are not permitted. Decoration is defined as the container with items (i.e. flowers, marbles, stones, etc.) on display inside the container. The container must remain consistent throughout the year.

The charge would be: Possession of alcohol containers outside of the scope of the USH Alcohol Containers policy.


While residents are permitted and encouraged to bring bicycles for their personal use, bicycles are not permitted to be walked, ridden or stored in a resident's room, the hallways, stairwells, or other locations within the residence halls. Storing the bicycle in the resident's room or other locations within the residence hall interferes with the egress should a building evacuation be necessary. Residents must utilize the bicycle racks located outside of their residence hall or another bicycle rack of their choosing.

The charge would be: Creation of egress hazard within the residence hall.

Courtesy and Quiet Hours

Quiet hours are designated from 10:00 p.m. to 10:00 a.m. Sunday - Thursday and 12:00 a.m. (Midnight) to 10:00 a.m. Friday and Saturday. In order to create an environment conducive to studying and privacy, courtesy hours are in effect 24 hours a day. This means communication in the hallways, music in rooms, video gaming, and other comings and goings (just a few examples) should not interfere with the rights of others. This means each individual should be aware of the impact of their behaviors on others. Should a student indicate the noise level is bothersome, the noise level should be lowered immediately.

The charge would be: Violation of designated quiet hours.

Failure to Evacuate

Failing to evacuate the building during a fire alarm can cause harm to the individual as well as fire safety personnel if a rescue is needed. Failure to evacuate during a fire alarm may result in judicial action, possible monetary fines, and could result in an arrest for violating federal laws.

The charge would be: Failure to evacuate during a fire or weather alarm.

Fire Safety

It is a violation of Housing policy to do the following:

  • Fire Safety Equipment Abuse - Tampering with fire alarm systems and extinguishers, misuse or tampering of sprinkler systems and any other fire safety equipment such as exit signs is a violation of Texas law and the Code of Student Conduct.
  • Anyone unnecessarily setting off or tampering with a fire alarm system, sprinkler system or fire extinguisher will be subject to judicial action, financial responsibility and/or referral to the civil authorities for prosecution under Texas law. Removal from the residence hall community may also be considered for the individual(s).

The charge would be: Tampering with fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, or any other fire/life safety equipment.

Flammable Materials

Flammable materials are prohibited in the residence halls. This includes, but is not limited to, possession or use of the following items:

  • Candles and Incense - Candles, and/or incense (lit or unlit), are not allowed in student rooms and/or public areas in any of the residence halls. No open flames. Wax warmers which use a light bulb are currently usable. However, this may be subject to change.
  • Vegetation of a Combustible Nature - Christmas Trees, tumbleweeds, etc.
  • Light Strings - Light strings (e.g. Christmas lights} cannot be hung up in the hallways or on student doors, but may be displayed in individual rooms.
  • Covered Surfaces - Surfaces (doors) may not be covered more than 50%. Students may cover bulletin boards and have drapes/curtains/shades on the windows. Blinds must remain in place. Students may not drape or hang fabric on walls or ceilings.
  • Lamps - Sun lamps, halogen lamps, and tanning beds.
  • Appliances - Open-faced electrical or heating appliances including hot plates, broilers, space heaters, immersion heaters, toaster ovens, and George Foreman Grills.
  • Grills - Charcoal, kerosene, propane, or electric grills.
  • Flammable Liquid or Compressed Gases - Use or storage of any type of flammable liquids or compressed gases.
  • Large Coffee Pots - Coffee pots with a capacity of more than four cups.
  • See other unauthorized items in the following sections.

The charge would be: Possession of prohibited item(s), appliances, or flammable materials in the residence hall.

Guests and Visitors

It is a violation of housing policy to have guests visiting or residing in your room outside of the approved visitation hours. Visitation Hours are 24/7 unless otherwise designed by the residence hall or complex. Additionally, the host will be responsible for ensuring the guest is familiar with, and observes all university and residence hall policies and procedures. The host and the visiting guest will both be held accountable for any policy violations, damages and/or loss of property.

Overnight Guests

Residents may host a guest who identifies as the same gender as the room designation overnight in the residence halls. Guests are considered any individual who does not live in the designated room. No more than three people in double occupancy rooms, including residents, and no more than two people in a designated single occupancy room, may occupy a room overnight, and only with roommate agreement and approval. Overnight guests are allowed to stay a maximum of three consecutive nights and a maximum of three nights during a week. The roommate's rights to the room must be given priority regarding guests. The roommate should not be compelled to leave the room to accommodate a guest, nor should he or she be placed in situations that might cause embarrassment or inconvenience. Under no circumstance will guests be issued keys, access cards, rollaway beds or mattresses.

Visitor Bathroom Use

Visitors of opposite gender must be escorted to the public restroom facilities in the lobby of each building or in co-ed halls, use any available appropriate gender bathroom. Visitors, regardless of gender, should be escorted to and from the bathroom by the resident.


Guests (of any gender) must be escorted by a host at all times while in the residence halls. Both guests and their host will be held responsible for the conduct of their visitors. Residents are responsible for any violations which occur within their rooms, regardless of whether or not they are physically present.

The charge would be: Violation of the guest/overnight guest, visitor bathroom, and/or escort policy.

Items Not Permitted in the Residence Halls or Public Areas

Possession of the following items are a violation of housing policy. These items are only prohibited if not provided in the room by University Student Housing.

Appliances, including but not limited to:

  • Air-conditioners
  • Dishwasher
  • Washing machines
  • Dryers
  • Ovens
  • Microwaves over 1500 watts
  • Refrigerators more than 3.7 cubic feet
  • Toaster ovens
  • Outdoor antennas of any kind
  • Furniture, such as waterbeds

Keys/Access Cards

It is a violation of housing policy to misuse a room key/lockout key/access card. Misuse includes giving a key or access card to a guest or visitor.

The charge would be: Misuse of University Student Housing issued room key/lockout key/access card.

Narcotics or Drugs

NOTE: For Texas Tech University's policy on Narcotics or Drugs, consult the Student Handbook, Code of Student Conduct, Misconduct.

Opposite Gender Restroom

Students of the opposite gender are not permitted to use community restrooms.

NOTE: See Visitor Bathroom Use section in the University Student Housing Contract Guide.

Unauthorized Pets

Pets, except for fish in tanks five gallons or less, are not allowed to visit or be kept in residence hall rooms. Service and therapy dogs and emotional support animals are permitted within the residence halls for students with a documented disability. Service and therapy dogs and emotional support animals require approval from University Student Housing prior to moving into the residence halls. All requests for service and therapy dogs and emotional support animals must be processed first through the Office of Student Disability Services. Visiting service and therapy dogs are welcome to visit the residence halls. Emotional support animals must have prior approval from the Office of Disability Services and University Student Housing to accompany a visiting guest.

The charge would be: Violation of posted pet policy.
USH Contract Guide: In the Housing contract signed by residents, it states residents who are found with an unauthorized pet with be charged $50 per instance.

Selling, Solicitation, Advertisements and Printed Materials

Advertisements, sales, displays, or distributions of publications on campus are not permitted without approval, unless provided for by University policy or law. Only university departments and recognized student organizations, with prior approval, are allowed to sell in the residence halls. Neither residents nor off-campus salespersons are permitted to solicit room-to-room, through the mailboxes or through the posting of flyers. Please report the presence of door-to-door salespersons in the residence hall to 911 and the hall office or a staff member immediately. Residence hall students may not post flyers selling personal items in the halls or on their doors but rather, must go to the designated board in the Student Union Building for posting. Student rooms may not be used for commercial purposes. Student organizations wishing to post flyers within the residence halls must provide advertisements to the Residence Life Office in 104F Wiggins. Only 20 copies will be accepted and only the Residence Life staff may hang flyers in the buildings.

The charge would be: Violation of the University Student Housing and Texas Tech University Solicitation Policy.


Smoking is prohibited in all residence hall rooms, public areas, lobbies, hallways, lounges, game rooms, bathrooms, showers, computer rooms, kitchenettes, and dining facilities. Students may smoke outside, as long as, they are at least 20 feet from any part of the building and utilize designated receptacles for disposal. Use of Hookahs, e-cigarettes, and vaping/vaping paraphernalia are not allowed in the residence halls. These items may be stored in a room, but may not be used in the buildings. Use of these items must be at least 20 feet from the building.

NOTE: For Texas Tech University's policy on Narcotics or Drugs, consult the Student Handbook, Code of Student Conduct, Misconduct. The Smoke-free and Tobacco-Free Environment Policy are outlined in the Texas Tech University Operating Policy and Procedure Manual 60.15. https://www.depts.ttu.edu/opmanual/OP60.15.pdf.

The charge would be: Violation of the smoking policy.

Sports in the Residence Halls

Sports are not allowed in the hallways or public areas of a residence hall. This policy applies to skateboards, hoverboards, roller blades, bikes or objects rolled along the floor or bounced, hit or sailed through the air. Bicycles, skateboards, hoverboards may not be ridden in the residence halls.

NOTE: For Texas Tech University's policy on Skateboards, Rollerblades, Scooters, Bicycles or Similar Modes of Transportation, please refer to the Student Handbook, Code of Student Conduct, Misconduct. Additionally, refer to University Parking Services Regulations which can be found at http://www.parking.ttu.edu/Resources/pdf/rulesregulations.pdf.

The charge would be: Violation of the sports in the residence halls policy.

Telecommunications Network Items

Devices including, but not limited to hubs, switches, bridges, routers, wireless network access points, network firewalls, VPN concentrators, and remote access devices are not permitted under this policy.

NOTE: The telecommunications device policy is outlined in the Texas Tech University Operating Policy and Procedure Manual 52.03. http://www.depts.ttu.edu/opmanual/OP52.03.pdf.

The charge would be: Possession of prohibited Telecommunications Networking devices.

Theft, Damage, or Unauthorized Use

The intentional or unintentional misuse of residence hall facilities, equipment, and furniture is a violation of policy. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Public Area Furniture - Furniture in public areas of the residence halls is to remain in its place for the convenience of all residents and their guests.
  • Room Furniture - Resident rooms have built-in furniture and fixtures, which should not be dismantled.
  • Elevator Misuse - Persons who misuse an elevator will be subject to disciplinary action and held financially responsible for any damage.
  • Sealed Windows, and Window Stoppers and Cranks - Window ledges are not to be used for storage. Students can be held personally liable for any damages to property and/or any personal injury resulting from items being thrown from windows or falling from ledges. Some residence halls have window stoppers. If a window stopper is removed, a replacement fee will be assessed to the resident(s) of the room. Window stopper replacement is a minimum of $50. Other halls have sealed windows which must remain sealed for safety reasons. If they are opened in any way, a charge is assessed to the resident(s) of the room to reseal the windows. Resealing windows will be a minimum of $50. Windows with cranks, if broken will be a minimum cost of $150.

NOTE: For Texas Tech University's policy on Theft, Damage, Littering or Unauthorized Use please refer to the Student Handbook, Code of Student Conduct, Misconduct.

The charge would be: Intentional or unintentional misuse of residence hall facilities, equipment, and/or furniture

Unsafe Items

All electric appliances must bear a UIL or equivalent certification label. All equipment should be kept in a safe operating condition. Extension cords are not permitted. Only UL approved surge protectors may be used in the halls and may not be piggy-backed onto other surge protectors or other devices where multiple items are plugged in for electrical power.

The charge would be: Possession of prohibited item(s) in the residence hall.


It is a violation of housing policy to have items used as weapons, including but not limited to, dart guns, decorative or functional swords, knives of two (2) or more inches in length, paint guns, pellet guns, hunting equipment (including shotguns, and bows and arrows), and designated martial arts equipment. Weapons concealed carry is only legal for possession and storage in Murray, Carpenter/Wells, Talkington, and West Village. All other residence halls are considered exclusionary zones.

NOTE: For Texas Tech University's policy on Firearms, Weapons, and Explosives, consult the Student Handbook, Code of Student Conduct, Misconduct.

See Texas Tech University Operating Policy 10.22 related to Campus Carry at http://www.depts.ttu.edu/opmanual/op10.22.pdf.

The charge would be: Possession of a weapon as outlined in the University Student Housing policy and/or Texas Tech University Student Code of Conduct.

Policies last updated: 7/2018