Texas Tech University

Spring Move out

Residency Requirement

Texas Tech University requires enrolled first-year students to live in the university residence halls. Additional information regarding the First Year On-Campus Residency Requirement may be found in OP 30.25.

Failure to comply with the on-campus residency requirement will result in the student being placed in a Non-Compliance Status and charged for all applicable Housing and Dining Plan fees.

Exemption Application Process

Students may be eligible to live off-campus if they meet one of the off-campus eligibility requirements, complete the off-campus exemption application, supply any required documentation, and are subsequently approved by University Student Housing. All off-campus exemption requests must be submitted prior to the official move-in date for the upcoming academic year.

  1. Review our Residency Requirement and decide which exemption category applies to your situation. These can be found under the Exemption Eligibility and Exemption Application tab.
  2. Download and complete any supplemental documentation required for your exemption category. (E.g.,Financial Hardship Addendum, Medical Hardship Addendum, Proof of Residence from Previous Institution, Sworn Statement of Commuting Status or Academic Transcripts, etc.)
  3. Complete the Exemption Application and upload the supplemental documentation that is required for your exemption category.

After submission, all off-campus exemption requests will be reviewed within 7-10 business days. Results will be emailed to the student's TTU email account.
Attention: Do NOT sign an off-campus lease until your exemption request has been formally approved by University Student Housing.

Exemption Eligibility And Exemption Application

Off-Campus Eligibility Requirements:

  • 30 hours post-high school credit
    • Does not include Advanced Placement, CLEP, ACT, SAT, Dual-Credit, and/or concurrent credit.
    • The completion of an associate degree prior to graduating from high school is not accounted for when determining eligibility.
    • Required Documentation: Exemption Application and copies of transcripts.
  • Financial Hardship
  • Medical Hardship
    • A student presents sufficient evidence of an extreme medical condition, as documented by her/his treating physician for which on-campus accommodations cannot be made. All medical hardship requests must be submitted and approved through Student Disability Services.
  • 2+ Semesters Living On-Campus
  • Commuter Status
  • Non-Traditional
    • Any student 21 or older
      • Required Documentation: Exemption Application, Copy of Passport, Driver's License, or any other government-issued photo ID that clearly displays date of birth.
    • Any student who has served in the Military
      • Required Documentation: Exemption Application, Verification of Active or Former Military Service such as: copy of DD214, copy of military ID, active or former military orders, etc.
    • Any student who is married and/or has dependent children
      • Required Documentation: Exemption Application, Copy of Marriage Certificate OR Copy of Birth Certificate listing student as the dependent's parent.

Complete Exemption Application





The Off-Campus Exemption process is NOT a contract cancellation request. If you have already signed a Housing and Dining Contract and your off-campus exemption request is approved, you must properly cancel your Housing and Dining Contract to avoid additional fees.