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Spring Move out

Deposit Information

  • Application Fee: $75 non-refundable application fee is a one-time fee required with all housing applications. 
  • Initial Deposit: The $400 Initial Deposit is potentially refundable (less any fees or billed charges) if the contract is completed or properly canceled. This deposit is required for all housing room reservations for all residence halls, including traditional spaces and suite/apartment/pod style spaces and is due with a signed contract.
  • Additional Deposit: The $250 Additional Deposit is potentially refundable (less any fees or billed charges) if the contract is completed or if the student never reserves a suite/apartment/pod/studio style space.


    It is required for a housing room reservation in a suite/apartment/pod/studio style space (Talkington, Gordon, Carpenter/Wells, Murray, Honors Hall, and West Village). It is due to the signed contract if the student selects a suite/apartment/pod/studio style space or when a student elects to upgrade to a suite/apartment/pod/studio style space.

* University Student Housing does not accept credit/debit card payments over the phone.


  •  If a student meets certain eligibility requirements, they can request to defer the $400 Initial Deposit required to reserve on-campus housing.  If approved, the $400 Initial Deposit would not be required when completing a housing and dining contract and would be charged to the student's account with Student Business Services when billing for the upcoming term is processed. For more information or to apply for a deferral, please contact University Student Housing at (806) 742-2661 or housing@ttu.edu.

Deposit Rollover or Refund:

  • If you are a current on-campus resident applying for on-campus housing for an upcoming academic year, you will have the ability to roll your current deposits to the new contract when signing the new contract. This means you will not have to pay the deposits again for the upcoming academic year contract.
  • If you are a current on-campus resident and will not be living on-campus for the upcoming academic year (be sure to check your off-campus eligibility), upon completion of the current contract your Student Business Services (SBS) account will be credited any applicable deposits. Credits will be applied towards any existing charges first. To expedite receipt of any resulting refunds, please sign up for My Direct Deposit at your earliest convenience.

Housing and Dining Billing Information

  • The student agrees to pay the Housing and Dining Fees, and properly billed charges at the time scheduled by the university. Housing and Dining Fees are due and payable by the semester as determined by Student Business Services.
  • The student will be charged 60% of the total Housing and Dining Fees in the fall and 40% in the spring.
  • Housing and Dining Fees may be paid by an installment plan for students that qualify. Payments are made directly to Student Business Services and can be made by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, personal check, cashier's check, or money order made payable to Texas Tech University.
  • Late arrivals and early departures are not a basis for a reduction in cost. 

Looking for your housing charges?

  • All Housing and Dining Fees for a semester are on the student's eBill statement, which is available through the Raiderlink website.

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