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The facilities team is comprised of approximately 150 full-time employees that together have more than 2,000 collective years of experience working for University Student Housing. In-house, this team is broken up into several different professional areas listed below. Each area embodies the department motto, here to serve students, every day as they work to keep all 19 residence halls safe, clean, and in top condition.

Drew Jahr is the Senior Associate Managing Director for Facilities Services.


The Carpentry Shop oversees most in-hall building ventures, including cabinets, beds, dressers, doors, vanities, walls, ceilings, and more. They specialize in wood craftsmanship but assist with larger projects with various materials.

Electric and Fire Shop

Electric and Fire Shop oversees not only breakers, lights, and smoke detectors, but also the electrical integrity of our building equipment, the fire systems throughout our halls, and any wires behind the walls. Electric and Fire Shop has a partnership with the Texas Tech Fire Marshal's office.

Electronic Security and Access Systems

Electronic Security and Access Systems Shop oversee all key traffic, security cameras, and card readers for the residence halls. This shop also makes and repairs all pathway signage, room numbers, etc. within the residence halls.

Equipment Repair

The Equipment Repair Team is dedicated to maintaining the condition of all washers, dryers, vacuum cleaners, floor cleaners, fleet vehicles, golf carts, power tools, warehouse equipment, paint sprayers, and more for the facilities area.

Facility Coordinators

The Facility Coordinators provide after-hours responses to facilities issues in the halls in order to provide both permanent and temporary solutions to provide a quicker response and better customer service for our students.

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Shop works with campus-maintained systems to ensure residents have heat and cooling throughout the year. There are various systems in each complex that are unique to the building, but the HVAC crew is able to troubleshoot and assist with issues across the board.


Housekeeping maintains and cleans all residence hall public areas during occupancy periods, including lobbies, restrooms, laundry rooms, hallways, and more. Each building has its own team of housekeepers trained to keep the halls clean and ready for residents.

Inspection and Exterior Maintenance

Our Inspection and Exterior Maintenance Team addresses any health and safety concerns, including mold and roof inspections, working closely with the Physical Plant and also Environmental Health & Safety and roofing contractors.

Interior Design

Interior Design develops renovation plans from behind the walls to the furniture at the end, all of which are coordinated with contractors, architects, and in-house trades.


The Maintenance team is the group of skilled tradespersons assigned to individual residence halls responsible for upkeep and repairs in their complex. Together, they respond to and complete over 11,000 work orders every year.


The Paint Shop is responsible for the final touches on over 2.3 million square feet of aesthetic surfaces in the residence halls. They address normal wear and tear as well as major repairs.


The Plumbing Shop responds to concerns with water temperature, water flow, and major fixture issues. They address issues by repairing equipment, replacing water lines, and checking system components.

Pest Control

Pest Control responds to typical issues of ants, bugs, and other pests, however, it is also very focused on prevention and education on pests to keep them out of our halls as much as possible. Pest control is also responsible for all bed bug treatments.


The Tile Shop oversees all repairs involving tile, but specifically shower renovations. They coordinate all major repairs with various trades from studs to finishing touches.


The Upholstery Shop is responsible for maintaining all fabric surfaces within the residence halls, including chairs, sofas, bolsters, and more.

Warehouse Team

The Warehouse Team is responsible for ordering, receiving, delivering, and storing supplies for all facilities areas, as well as ensuring that any donation items or abandoned property is addressed in a timely manner.

Work Control and Purchasing

Work Control and Purchasing is the central communication hub of the Facilities area, responsible for turning FixIts into work orders and assigning them to technicians to complete. They're also the central contact point for Facilities purchasing and payment processes.

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