Texas Tech University

2018 - 2019 Rates

Application Fee:

$50 non-refundable fee required for first time residents.

Initial Deposit:

$400 Initial Deposit required for each signed contract.

Additional Deposit:

The $250 Additional Deposit is required for Carpenter/Wells, Murray hall, Gordon hall, Talkington hall, West Village and the Honors Hall. This Additional Deposit is in addition to the $400 Initial Deposit.

The $400 Initial Deposit and $250 Additional Deposit will rollover to the next contract term or will be credited to the student's Student Business Services account after the student moves out and damages to the room are assessed. Read more about these payments in the Contract Guide.

The $250 Additional Deposit is non-refundable if the University Student Housing and Hospitality Services Contract is cancelled prior to the end of the contract term.

Double Occupancy Rooms

The following halls are considered Double Occupancy Halls: Bledsoe, Chitwood, Clement, Coleman, Gates, Horn, Hulen, Knapp, Murdough, Stangel, Sneed, Wall, and Weymouth.

HallFall (60%)Spring (40%)Academic Year
Double Occupancy$2,805.00$1,870.00$4,675.00

Triple Occupancy Rooms (only certain designated rooms)

The following halls are considered Triple Occupancy Halls: Bledsoe, Horn, Knapp, and Sneed.

HallFall (60%)Spring (40%)Academic Year
Triple Occupancy$2,205.00$1,470.00$3,675.00

Quad Occupancy Rooms (only certain designated rooms)

The following halls are considered Quad Occupancy Halls: Chitwood, Coleman, and Weymouth.

HallFall (60%)Spring (40%)Academic Year
Quad Occupancy$2,805.00$1,870.00$4,675.00

Pod Style Rooms

The following halls are considered Pods: Honors.

HallFall (60%)Spring (40%)Academic Year
Honors Hall$3,570.00$2,380.00$5,950.00

Suite Style Rooms

The following halls are considered Suites: Carpenter/Wells, Gordon, Murray, Talkington, and Traditional Suites*.

HallFall (60%)Spring (40%)Academic Year
Carpenter/Wells Complex$3,735.00$2,490.00$6,225.00
Gordon Hall$3,255.00$2,170.00$5,425.00
Murray Hall$3,735.00$2,490.00$6,225.00
Talkington Hall$3,960.00$2,640.00$6,600.00
Traditional Suites*$3,255.00$2,170.00$5,425.00

*Traditional Room with Bathroom - Limited Availability.


West Village is the only apartment style residence hall. West Village A is for upperclass residents and has 4-bedroom apartments. West Village B is for Graduate Students and has 2-bedroom and 1-bedroom apartments.

HallFall (60%)Spring (40%)Academic Year
West Village - 4 Bedroom$4,320.00$2,880.00$7,200.00
West Village - 2 Bedroom$4,560.00$3,040.00$7,600.00
West Village - 1 Bedroom$4,950.00$3,300.00$8,250.00

Single Room Fee (if available)

HallFall (60%)Spring (40%)Academic Year
Traditional Rooms$3,647.00$2,431.00$6,078.00
Honors Single$4,641.00$3,094.00$7,735.00
Traditional Suites*$4,231.50$2,821.00$7,052.50
Gordon Suites$4,231.50$2,821.00$7,052.50

*Traditional Room with Bathroom - Limited Availability.