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Clement Hall

Clement Hall

Hulen/Clement Double Virtual Tour


Clement Hall is a coed, built-in furniture residence hall. The Architecture and Design Learning Community is located in Clement Hall, near the College of Architecture, English, Philosophy, and Education buildings. Men and women live on alternating floors. This residence hall offers lounges and study rooms for the convenience of residents. Special studio lounges are available to students in the Architecture and Design Learning Community. Limitless laundry lounges are available for all residents.

Built-in furniture consists of pullout beds, desks, chairs, bookshelves, chests of drawers and closets with overhead storage. Each room has a sink and a medicine cabinet with mirror.

Unique Features

  • Double rooms
  • Built-in, non-movable furniture
  • Across the street from the Education building and close to the English/Philosophy building
  • Connected to Hulen Hall on the south side of campus

Learning Community Information

Architecture & Design Learning Community

The Architecture & Design Learning Community provides a unique experience for students in general and preprofessional Architecture programs, Interior Design, and Apparel Design & Manufacturing to live together in an environment supporting their academic, personal and professional success.

Clement Room Diagram and Floor Plan

Floor Plan

Fixed Furniture Videos

The following video tour explores the Stangel/Murdough complex, fixed-furniture rooms. The floor layout in Stangel/Murdough is unique for the complex, but the rooms are similar to Hulen, Clement, Wall, Gates, Chitwood, Weymouth, and Coleman.