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Administration and Business Services

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Administration and Business Services has approximately 40 employees and is comprised of five separate areas, Finance, Information Technology and Support, Marketing and Communications, Personnel, and Welcome Center. While each of these areas has a different function, they all share a common goal of supporting all of University Student Housing with its mission to serve students who live on campus at Texas Tech.

Ashley Styles is the Senior Associate Managing Director for Administration and Business Services.


Responsible for the compliance and oversight of university funds. Functions include: accounts payable, accounts receivable, academic year/summer billing, annual budgeting, camp/conference billing, purchasing, and all financial reporting.

Information Technology and Support

Responsible for creating, testing, and producing software/systems for departmental needs and management of our call center system, housing reservation system, FixIt system, online forms, the timeslot system, and other custom applications. The team also provides technical support for all housing staff, including access control, printer/PC support, and completes all IT-related purchases.

Marketing and Communications

Responsible for the creation, design, printing, and distribution of all housing marketing material. The team also manages our website and all social media accounts.


Responsible for providing personnel and Human Resources (HR) liaison services to University Student Housing, Hospitality Services, and University Recreation (three of the largest departments on campus). Personnel and HR liaison services include but are not limited to, onboarding and offboarding, payroll and pay requests, management of promotions and staffing changes, full-time staff recruitment, compliance and evaluation oversight, FMLA and corrective action consultations, staff engagement initiatives, and general departmental HR communication.

Welcome Center

Responsible for University Student Housing's occupancy management, assisting with the application and contract concerns related to housing signups, exemption requests, room optimization, and on and off-campus recruitment efforts. The team also manages the department's call center where they assist parents/students via phone calls, emails, and/or chat.

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