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Residential Tutoring


Residential Tutoring will be returning for the Fall 2021 semester. Please visit this website in August for a schedule and location of available tutors!

Students Studying

The Residential Tutoring program is designed to provide academic services for students living in the residence halls at Texas Tech University. Residential Tutoring is a completely free service provided for all on-campus students during convenient hours and close to home.

Courses Offered

Residential Tutors (RTs) provide peer tutoring in courses that residence hall students struggle with the most frequently, according to campus data. These areas of study are:

  • Chemistry (1307 and 1308)
  • Math (1451 and 1452)
  • Writing (in any subject area)
  • Political Science (1301)
  • History (2300 and 2301)
  • Biology (1403)
  • Physics (1403 and 1408)


All tutoring sessions are available Sunday through Wednesday, 7 pm- 10 pm.

Please contact Katie Ericson to get the specific course and schedule information.

Contact Information

For more information about Residential Tutoring, please contact:

  • Katie Ericson, Manager for Academic Initiatives
  • (806) 834-0106
  • Sadie BillingsGraduate Assistant for Academic Initiatives
  • (806) 834-5180

Tutoring Session Tracking

For information about becoming a Residential Tutor, please visit our Residential Tutor Employment information page.