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Residence Life at Texas Tech University is committed to the full development of our residents by providing an inclusive community through student leadership opportunities, programming, residence hall standards, and supportive learning environments in the residence halls. This mission is carried out by 280 student and professional staff employees dedicated to this goal.

Dr. D'aun Green is the Managing Director for Residence Life.

In-Hall Operations

Every residence hall floor and complex are staffed with trained students and full-time professionals dedicated to handle student questions, concerns, and conflicts by offering resources and assistance.

  • Community Advisors live on the floors with residents to create a comfortable, safe, and supportive atmosphere as well as to help students interact well with those in their hall and adjust to campus life.
  • Full-time Residence Life Coordinators are master's educated professionals who also live within each residence hall complex and are focused on coordinating the day-to-day operations of the building, managing building staff, and ensuring their residence hall community is healthy and operating smoothly.
  • Graduate Hall Coordinators pursuing their master's degree also assist in building efforts. These individuals all participate in on-call rotations to ensure staff are available to aid in emergency situations 24 hours a day.

Every residence hall complex also has an assigned front desk where students can receive packages, sign-out a spare key to their room when they lock themselves out, ask general questions, report concerns and check-out available items such as moving carts and cleaning supplies.

  • A Senior Business Assistant is available Monday-Friday during regular business hours to assist students with questions regarding housing and room change options as needed.
  • Front desk operations are 24-hours, seven days a week during the regular academic year and cease 24-hour operation during breaks and residence hall closing periods.

    * During particular times of year, the desk may reduce operations, however staff are still available to serve students through on-call.

Residence Education and Academic Programming/Summer Conferences

Residence Life offers a structured educational curriculum within the residence halls that promotes interactions between students, academic success, and student engagement that extend from the classroom to the surrounding community. These programs are planned and hosted by building staff who ensure activities are tailored to the needs of each building population.

  • Our residence halls offer Learning Communities which allow students to engage intellectually outside of the classroom and participate in programs designed for residents in conjunction with the appropriate academic college/institution designation.
    More information about the Learning Communities can be found here: Learning Communities.
  • University Student Housing offers a Residential Tutoring program that provides students with academic guidance at no cost.
    More information about the Residential Tutoring Program can be found here: Residential Tutoring Program.
  • In the summer months, we offer opportunities for internal and external organizations to host their summer camps and conferences within the residence halls. We work with organizations from booking to billing to ensure every summer camp and conference is a success.
    Learn more about our Summer Conference services here: Summer Conferences

Student Leadership

University Student Housing offers an array of opportunities for students to engage in their residence hall and campus community through our Student Leadership programs and organizations.


Residence Life has dedicated staff who are committed to recruiting students into student employment opportunities, developing detailed training and ongoing educational opportunities for staff, and ensuring students in the residence halls receive proper follow-up in times of crisis.

  • Our Residence Life recruitment area offers a wide array of events and programs that allow students to learn what is needed to complete an application and help provide resources to prepare essential materials such as a resume and cover letter.
  • This area also focuses on recruiting graduate students into available assistantships with the department and summer interns through the Association of College and University Housing Officers-International Internship program.

Residence Hall Office Phone Numbers

The residence halls are open 24 hours a day during the academic year. During the summer, certain halls may not have staff and may not be open.

For other Residence Life information, please call (806) 742-4996

Student Intervention

Bringing Student Success Full Circle!
Our Student Intervention is an outreach service dedicated to reaching out to residential students that are in need of crisis intervention or general resources. The goal in each step of the intervention process is to increase student success and the overall student's quality of life. We wish to serve & empower students through innovation, service, and civility by connecting them to the tools they need and reminding them of their motivating values.

Along with offering individual interventions, we provide preventative wellness programming and resources. Full Circle Success is our model of preventative programming that takes into account multiple areas a student needs to grow and maintain.

You can request a program by clicking Full Circle Success Program Request Form.

Please contact at housing@ttu.edu.

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