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Residential Tutoring


Residential Tutoring has been moved online for Spring 2021! Please check the information below to access the links for free online tutoring Sunday through Wednesday 7:00 pm-10:00 pm

Students Studying

The Residential Tutoring program is designed to provide academic services for students living in the residence halls at Texas Tech University. Residential Tutoring is a completely free service provided for all on-campus students during convenient hours and close to home.

Courses Offered

Residential Tutors (RTs) provide peer tutoring in courses that residence hall students struggle with the most frequently, according to campus data. These areas of study are:

  • Chemistry (1307 and 1308)
  • Math (1451 and 1452)
  • Writing (in any subject area)
  • Political Science (1301)
  • History (2300 and 2301)
  • Biology (1403)
  • Physics (1403 and 1408)


All tutoring sessions are available Sunday through Wednesday, 7 pm- 10 pm.

Click the subject below to take you to a tutoring session. 

CHEM 1305. CHEM 1307, CHEM 1308

BIOL 1403, BIOL 1404

General Math-
MATH 1320, MATH 1330/1331, MATH 1451, MATH 1550, MATH 2300

Focused Math-
MATH 1451, MATH 1452, MATH 2450, MATH 2360

PHYS 1403, PHYS 1408

Political Science-
POLS 1301, POLS 2301

US History-
HIST 2300, HIST 2301



Student Expectations for Online Residential Tutoring

  • Please do not give out any personal information shared by other students receiving assistance from the Residential Tutors
  • Please make sure you are in a quiet location without distraction or other people in the room.
    • If you are in a public location, such as a lobby or tutoring lounge, please use headphones during your session, if able.
  • Please wear clothing you would wear to class on camera.
  • DO NOT record sessions on your personal computer or smartphone.
    • Screenshots are allowed to take note of material reviewed.
    • Attend your online/ face to face lectures.
    • Take notes.
    • Read assigned readings
    • Have attempted your assignment prior to coming to tutoring
    • Have an idea of what you need help with during your session, have specific questions ready

Note: Your tutor may already be working with another student when you join the session. Please wait patiently in the “lobby”. Do not interact with other students in the “lobby”. Tutors will do their very best to be prompt in interacting with you.

Tips for Online Tutoring:

  • Use Chrome to open tutoring session (Safari and Firefox will not work)
  • Make sure you have allowed access for your microphone and video to connect with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra
  • Type your First Initial and Last Name (ie. J. Doe) when you enter into a session
  • You may be in a “lobby” while the tutor wraps up their current session and checks you in. You will then be placed in a breakout room with the tutor for peer to peer tutor
  • When you are checking in and entering a Breakout Session (your session)
    • You will be asked to show your Raider ID Card, and repeat your R number
  • The tutor will ask your confidence level in the course at the beginning and end of the session

If the tutor is helping multiple students, they may leave the session to help another student, giving you time to work on your work and compile any questions you may have.

Please contact Katie Ericson to get the specific course and schedule information.

Contact Information

For more information about Residential Tutoring, please contact:

  • Katie Ericson, Manager for Academic Initiatives
  • (806) 834-0106
  • Sadie BillingsGraduate Assistant for Academic Initiatives
  • (806) 834-5180

Tutoring Session Tracking

For information about becoming a Residential Tutor, please visit our Residential Tutor Employment information page.