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Tunnel of Awareness: An Interactive Tour Through Social Justice

Tunnel of Awareness

Tunnel of Awareness is an immersive experience that brings awareness to contemporary social justice topics impacting the TTU community and our local and global communities. It aspires to develop engaged citizens and leaders, in the TTU community, in the region, and in the world who serve as engaged representatives for social change.

When & Where:

* Tour participation ranges from 30 - 45mins timeframe*

  • Tuesday, October 6th @ 10am -2pm
  • Wednesday, October 7th @ 1pm - 6pm

Tours will take place on the Blackboard platform. Please click here to take you to the event:


About the Tunnel

The Tunnel of Awareness highlights contemporary issues of oppression by introducing participants to the concepts of oppression, privilege and power. Participants are guided through a series of scenes that educate and challenge them to think more deeply about issues of oppression.

The Tunnel is a campus grassroots diversity program that originated in 1993 at the Western Illinois University. Using the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, California as a model, the Tunnel strives to give people a way to experience oppression in a hands-on way. By engaging the emotions of the participants, it allows for the accounts expressed in the program to be truly effective. People may have never been placed in these types of situations, and they obtain a sense of what it may feel like to experience discrimination or oppression. While the Tunnel may evoke strong emotions, it can be an effective tool used to teach people about how it really feels to be in the various situations. After the incredible response and positive feedback we received after the last several years, the Tunnel has now become an annual event.

Tour the Tunnel

Participants are guided through a series of exhibits that are designed to introduce participants to concepts around identities, power, privilege and diversity. Also guide participants through ways to think more deeply about a variety of topics regarding social justice concepts.
We encourage participants to experience the tunnel as a group, whether it be a class or student organization. Individual participation is also highly encouraged!Volunteer Opportunities

Tunnel of Awareness is made possible in part by the efforts and passions of volunteers from various student orgs, TTU departments, and community members. If you are interested in volunteering to set up, clean up, or work a 1 hour volunteer shift during Tunnel, please click on the link below.


Campus Offices

Campus Clubs and Organizations

Have a club or organization you would like to add? Email Anna Burton at anna.burton@ttu.edu.

General Civil Rights Organizations

Contact Us

Do you have questions? Would you like more information about supporting Tunnel of Awareness at Texas Tech University? Please email the Assistant Director
Student Leadership Development Anna Burton at anna.burton@ttu.edu or the Manager for Social Justice and Civic Engagement Andrina Jackson at Andrina.jackson@ttu.edu.