Texas Tech University

Our Commitment to Health and Safety

General Information



  • University Student Housing employs a cleaning staff dedicated to the cleaning and sanitization of the residence halls. These staff members work seven days a week cleaning all public areas, laundry rooms, community restrooms twice a day, elevators three times a day, and also focus on high touch areas.
  • Residence Hall offices will have limited cleaning supplies available for students to borrow and use to maintain their living space. We strongly encourage students to bring cleaning supplies they prefer and meet their individual needs. High-touch surfaces in their room should be wiped down regularly by the student with a sanitized wipe: sink, counters, desks, keyboards, and phones.


  • We have installed hand sanitizer stations in all elevator lobbies and main lobbies. These stations will be resupplied daily.
  • Students will need to consider their own choices and behaviors with regards to staying healthy. Wash hands regularly, use hand sanitizer, avoid crowds, and monitor your personal distance from others. Do not share drinks or food.
  • Monitor your healthy daily. If feeling ill, please contact Student Health Services immediately for an appointment.


  • Guests must always be escorted by their hosts in the residence halls.
  • Students should remember that they can be held responsible for their guest's behavior.

If you have any questions, please call our office at (806) 742-2661 or reach out via email at housing@ttu.edu.


Bed Bugs

What do I do if I think I got a bug bite or have bedbugs in my room?

  • Contact your Hall Office, Community Advisor or Hall Coordinator (RLC/GHC) as soon as possible so they can contact the appropriate personnel.
  • Once our staff are notified, we'll examine your room for signs of bedbugs and contact you with more information.
  • If you see a bug you think is a bedbug, tape it to a piece of paper to show to the responding staff for verification.

Blue Light Phones

The blue light emergency phones are direct lines to the Texas Tech Police Department. The phones can be easily recognized for the blue light mounted above the phone box. These are to be used for reporting emergencies and obtaining information. If a phone is not working properly the Texas Tech Police Department asks you to please report it.For more information:


Blue Light Emergency Phone Map

Emergency Procedures

  1. When an event occurs, notify your hall office staff with the numbers provided or call 911.
  2. Give clear, accurate information to the offices or entities you contact.
  3. Stay at a safe distance from the disruption or issue to give staff and first responders the opportunity to render aid or solve the issue.




For more information on our Emergency Procedures, visit this link: https://www.depts.ttu.edu/housing/safety/USHEmergencyProcedures.php

Inclement Weather and Campus Closings

Various types of weather affect the Lubbock region throughout the year. Texas Tech maintains several warning and alert systems for use in the event major storms or other disasters threaten our community. Ideally, sufficient warning time will allow precautionary measures to be implemented. The unpredictability of weather conditions, however, does not always provide for adequate warning.

Closure of University or Cancellation of Classes

Information regarding the suspension of classes and closing of offices for a short period of time due to weather will be communicated using the TechAlert! Emergency Alert Notification System. Please sign up at the Emergency Communications Center. If the facilities are closed due to inclement weather, announcements will also be placed with local television and radio stations.

Mold and Mildew Prevention

Texas Tech University is committed to achieving excellence in providing a healthy and safe campus and supporting environmentally sound practices in the conduct of university activities. It is Texas Tech University policy to comply with all applicable environmental health and safety laws, regulations, and requirements. Texas Tech University implements best management practices and initiatives to systematically integrate environmental, health, and safety considerations into all activities. Please contact the corresponding hall office or the Welcome Center at 806-742-2661 if there are suspected mold issues in a room.

    To help prevent mold and mildew growth:
  • Do not open windows while heating or cooling units are operating. This will cause condensation and may contribute to mold growth.
  • Do not leave wet or damp clothes, towels or shoes in closets. Set them out on drying racks until completely dry.
  • Do not place potted plants or any other source of moisture on or around heating and cooling units.
  • Do not block the airflow from your heating or cooling unit.
  • Maintain a reasonable room temperature year round (70 - 76 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Do not place heat-generating appliances such as microwaves or refrigerators directly underneath the room thermostat.
  • If you see what you suspect are small amounts of mold, it can be cleaned with a general household cleaner. Maintain good housekeeping practices and clean your room, bed linens, clothing and towels regularly.
  • There is no practical way to eliminate all mold and mold spores indoors. (From the Environmental Protection Agency: http://www.epa.gov/mold/ten-things-you-should-know-about-mold)

Personal Safety

University Student Housing provides several programs and services to maximize safety measures used in the residence halls. For example, Residence hall staff provides safety and security training programs throughout the year on harassment, personal safety, and securing your personal property. However, it is the responsibility of each member of the community and their guests to preserve the physical safety of the residence halls. This can be accomplished by being aware of your surroundings, reporting mischief or suspicious behavior, preventing the propping of doors, and not allowing other students to tailgate when entering the access card doors. Together, we can keep our campus safe. It is also the responsibility of every resident to be aware of policies and procedures related to safety and security.

For more information on personal safety, visit this link: https://www.depts.ttu.edu/housing/safety/personalsafety.php

Raider Ride

For more information about the Raider Ride transportation service visit this link: https://www.depts.ttu.edu/parking/InformationFor/MobilitySolutions/RaiderRide.php

Residence Hall Policies

It is the responsibility of all students to know and understand the regulations or standards of acceptable behavior as a Texas Tech University student and as a student living in the Residence Halls. Residents should also be aware of the policies and procedures in the:

Conditions and Restrictions

NOTE: All students must comply with the conditions and restrictions of the University Student Housing (USH) contract, the USH and Hospitality Services (HS) Contract Guide, the TTU Student Handbook, TTU Operational Procedures, and the TTUS Regents Rules which contain additional information regarding expected behavior while a student at Texas Tech University. All state and federal laws apply to students living in the residence halls.

For more information on our Residence Hall Policies, visit this link: https://www.depts.ttu.edu/housing/contracts/hallpolicies.php

Sexual Harassment and Misconduct

For more information on the different kinds of sexual harassment and misconduct, pleas visit this link: https://www.depts.ttu.edu/hr/TitleIX/sexualharassment.php

Sharps Containers

Resident's needing Sharps Containers for injectable medications may pick up a small container free of charge at the Student Wellness Center (SWC) at the corner of Main and Flint. When the container is full, please return it to the SWC for an empty container. Utilization of this service helps to reduce the danger of accidental sticks to University Student Housing cleaning staff and fellow residents. Please do not dispose of Sharps Containers in the residence halls trash receptacles.

Suicide Prevention

Student Intervention is an outreach service provided by University Student Housing at Texas Tech University. We are dedicated to reaching out to students that are in need of crisis intervention or general resources. The goal in each step of the intervention process is to increase student success and the overall student's quality of life. We wish to serve students by connecting them to the tools they need and remind them of their motivating values.

For more information and resources about suicide prevention, please visit this link: https://www.depts.ttu.edu/housing/safety/suicideprevention.php