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Off-Campus Eligibility

Residence Requirement

We understand that not every first year student is able to live in the Residence Halls at Texas Tech. Even though institutional research indicates that students who live on campus perform better academically, there are provisions for students that need to live off campus if they meet the requirements. Students are encouraged to read OP 30.25 when requesting to live off campus.

Students that meet one of these requirements need to fill out the Exemption Form and send any other necessary documentation to University Student Housing. We will respond via email within three to five business days with a notice of eligibility, ineligibility, or a request for further information. All responses will be sent to the student's Texas Tech email address.

Please send all documents to housing@ttu.edu, fax them to 806-742-2696, or upload them using the electronic form.


Common reasons students are eligible to live off campus:

  • Student has 30 hours post high school credit (Advance Placement, CLEP, ACT, SAT, dual-credit, and concurrent-credit do not count toward this requirement)
  • Student has lived on campus for 2 or more semesters (Fall and Spring semesters only)
  • Student will live with an established parent or guardian who has lived within 60 miles of Lubbock for the past year. Sworn Statement of Commuting Status Form is required.
  • Student has extreme financial hardship, similar to guidelines set forth by the Student Financial Aid office. Financial Hardship Addendum is required.
  • Student has a medical hardship which will be intensified by living on campus Medical Hardship Addendum is required.
  • Student is 21 years of age, has served in the military, is married, and/or has dependent children

Additional documentation may be required for an exemption request.

Request to live off campus

Additional Exemption Forms


University Student Housing