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The Texas Tech University Core Curriculum & Uniform Graduation Requirements

Welcome to the Core Curriculum and Uniform Graduation Requirements informational site. The purpose of this site is to provide faculty members, staff members, and students of Texas Tech University with information about our institution's Core Curriculum and Graduation Requirements.

Texas Tech University offers its undergraduate students a Core Curriculum in line with requirements set forth by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. Texas Tech University also expects its students to complete certain Graduation Requirements that augment the Core Curriculum. Those are the Multicultural requirement (three credit hours) and the Lab Science requirement (two credit hours).

The menu to the left provides faculty members, staff members, and students at Texas Tech University with resources designed to expand awareness of the different components of our Core Curriculum and Graduation Requirements, including expectations for course syllabi. Faculty members who are considering developing syllabi for proposed inclusion in the Core Curriculum are strongly encouraged to review the information in each tab.

Questions about the Core Curriculum or Uniform Undergraduate Graduation Requirements should be directed to Associate Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Genevieve Durham DeCesaro: genevieve.durham@ttu.edu; 806-834-3409.