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Dr. Joseph M. Currin

Dr. Joseph M. Currin

Research Interests: Sexuality, sexual behavior, sexual health, sexuality-related stigma, health disparities for LGBTQIA individuals, sexual health of rural individuals, STI prevention.

Dr. Sheila Garos

Dr. Sheila Garos

Research Interests: Human sexual behavior, behavioral addictions, sexual temptation bias, and women's OB/GYN health, women’s objectification of other women.

Dr. Paul B. Ingram

Dr. Paul B. Ingram

Research Interests: Personality measurement, veteran relevant issues such as PTSD and TBI, and mental health stigma, relating to attitudes, treatment behaviors, and physical health.

Dr. Shin Ye Kim

Research Interests: The intersections of gender, culture, health, and psychological well-being in domestic and international populations, with a focus on work and career. Current research includes work-family interface from a men and masculinity perspective, efficacy of multicultural counseling, and psychological intervention for chronic pain.

Dr. Robert Morgan

Forensic & Correctional Psychology Lab

Research Interests: Treatment and assessment of justice involved persons with mental illness, effects of incarceration including in restricted housing units, and forensic mental health assessment.

Dr. Brandy Piña-Watson

Latinx Mental Health & Resilience Lab

Research Interests: Latinx adolescent and emerging adult mental health disparities (focus on those of Mexican descent); Individual, familial, cultural, and societal impacts on depression, suicidal ideation and behaviors, well-being, and academic outcomes of Latinx individuals; gender socialization; mental health prevention and intervention with Latinx populations.

Dr. Steven Richards

Research Interests: Depression, comorbidities of depression (such as eating disorders), depression contagion, self-managed depression, and how depression is influenced by relationships, proximity to friends and home, and chronic health problems.

Dr. Christine Robitschek

Research Interests: Positive psychology, multicultural aspects of personal growth initiative, implications of personal growth initiative for health/illness and interventions.

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