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Students enroll in courses to fulfill certain Department Core Area requirements and Counseling Psychology Area requirements. The Department Core Area requirements are geared to provide comprehensive coverage of the breadth of health service psychological science. Students are also required to take Counseling Applied Area Requirements which include core courses such as Theories and Techniques of Psychotherapy, Vocational Psychology and Seminar in Professional Ethics. Additionally, students take assessment courses, electives, statistics courses as well as research and dissertation hours. Students who wish to receive funding though a TA appointment are required to take at least 1 credit hour of a Colloquium of Teaching Psychology course. Overall a minimum of 91 hours is required to graduate with a PH.D. However, most students' hours exceed that amount. (see below)

Students with prior graduate training may be admitted to this doctoral program and are able to transfer up to 15 credit hours for required departmental courses and up to 15 hours for required program courses. All requested course transfers are reviewed by a relevant course instructor and a Counseling Psychology faculty member on a case-by-case basis and must satisfy stated course requirements. Any such courses taken during prior graduate training that are approved for transfer to this doctoral program reduce the number of courses that are required for completion during a student's time in this doctoral program.

Course Requirements for the Counseling Psychology Core Area
(Department Core Courses are listed in the Department Handbook)

Psychology Breadth Requirements (required: 12 credits)

PSY 5301 - Biological Bases of Psychological Function

PSY 5356 - Seminar in Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience

PSY 5327 - Social Psychology and Emotion

PSY 5302 - Life Span Development

Counseling Psychology Applied Area Requirements (required: 48-49 credits)

PSY 5316 - Introduction to Counseling Psychology

PSY 5334 - Theories and Techniques of Psychotherapy

PSY 5306 - Seminar in Professional Ethics

PSY 5345 - Research Seminar in Clinical and Counseling Psychology

PSY 5338 - Seminar in Psychopathology

PSY 5308 - Vocational Psychology

PSY 5002 - Advanced Practicum (16 credits required)

PSY 5350 - History and Systems of Psychology

PSY 5105 - Supervision and Consultation (1-3 credit hours)

PSY 5004 - Doctoral Internship (4 credits required)

One of the following two courses:

PSY 5396 - Multicultural Counseling, or

PSY 5398 - Ethnic Minority and Community Interventions

One of the following two courses:

PSY 5485 - Psychometric and Item Response Theory

EPSY 5349 - Psychometrics

Assessment Area Requirements (required: 6 credits)

PSY 5404 - Practicum in Intelligence Testing

PSY 5315 - Objective Personality Assessment

Electives (required: 3 credits)

PSY 5309 - Neuropsychological Assessment

PSY 5323 - Group Counseling and Psychotherapy

PSY 5333 - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

PSY 5377 - Behavioral Medicine and Psychology

LAW 6224- Mental Disability Law

Statistics Courses (required 12 hours; 4 course credits each)

PSY 5380 - Experimental Design

PSY 5447 - Advanced Correlational Methods and Factor Analysis

One of the following two courses

PSY 5448 - Advanced Multivariate Analysis for Psychologists

PSY 5460 - Structural Equation Modeling for Psychologists

Additional Courses

PSY 5101 - Colloquium of Teaching Psychology (required for TA or RA appointment) (1 credit hour)

PSY 7000 - Research (2nd Year Project) (6-12 credits)

PSY 8000 - Doctoral Dissertation (12 credits)


The Curriculum Plan shows what a typical course sequence is like in our program. From time to time course offerings may change due to shifts in faculty or new APA matriculation requirements.

For addition curriculum information see the Counseling Psychology Handbook.

The department now offers a graduate certificate program in psychological methods and analysis. Five courses must be completed in order to obtain the certificate. See the certificate page for more.

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