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All students are required to successfully pass a practice and research qualifying examination which is taken some time after completion of the second-year research project, but no later than the spring semester of the student's fourth year of study. These examinations are designed to adhere to and reflect the scientist-practitioner approach to counseling psychology by emphasizing clear and cogent linkages among observation and inference, theory and practice. In the practice portion of the exam five core areas of counseling psychology are assessed: (1) counseling theory and practice, (2) vocational counseling and career development, (3) research issues, (4) multicultural and diversity issues, and (5) professional and ethical issues. However, for the practice portion of the qualifying examination students have the option of taking the EPPP. The research portion of the exam consists of writing a research project in the area of interest to the student. The evaluation of the qualifying exam is designed to provide a constructive learning experience. Details concerning the format, time sequence and grading of the qualifying exam are outlined in the Counseling Psychology Handbook.

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