Student Rights and Responsibilities

After being approved and granted accommodations for your disability, you need to be aware of the rights you have regarding these accommodations. Likewise, you also need to understand your responsibilities that go with the accommodations.


It is your right to disclose the letter of accommodation (referred to hereafter as LOA) to any and all instructors. You may not need all accommodations for every class, but any professor that you will need an accommodation from must have a copy of your LOA.

It is your right not to use your LOA for any class during a semester. This does not affect your right to have accommodations again for any subsequent semester.

It is your right to request adjustments to your LOA regarding the accommodations for which you are eligible. Additions to your LOA must be supported by appropriate documentation.

It is your right to have your disability kept confidential. Student Disability Services will not share information regarding your disability with any faculty, staff, parent, or other entities unless you have given written permission to do so.

It is your right to have your approved accommodations provided for you free of charge, as mandated in the Americans with Disabilities Act. Student Disability Services will never charge you for your classroom accommodations.


It is your responsibility to meet with each professor during the first week of class, or within one week of receiving your accommodation letter if it is during the semester, to review your LOA. The LOA becomes effective on the date it is signed by the professor and is not retroactive.

Students' acceptance to Student Disability Services has no affect on class attendance. All students are required to follow class policy for attendance as outlined on the course syllabus.

It is your responsibility to report problems with professors who are not allowing accommodations to the Student Disability Services office by making an appointment with a counselor. This must be done during the semester the problem is occurring and not after grades have been given for the course. University policy states that instructors have one week as a reasonable amount of time to implement the accommodations. If this does not occur, the student should contact a counselor in the SDS office immediately.

It is your responsibility to request a new LOA for each semester that you are going to need accommodations. If you decide to add/delete approved accommodations from your LOA, you will need to indicate the change on your LOA request form.

If you have note-taking assistance as an accommodation, you must attend class and be attentive. You do not have the right to copies of notes from a class for which you were absent. Power Point slides and fill in the blank note packets are approved supplemental note taking accommodations. Please remember, these are supplemental notes and you are required to still take your own notes. If you do not attempt to take notes, you are not eligible to receive the supplemental notes.

If you require an alternative test location or extra time on examinations, it is your responsibility to arrange for this accommodation through the Academic Testing Center and follow their requirements. The Academic Testing Center is a separate department and has specific procedures that must be followed. Be sure to make note of their due date for Academic Testing Forms, if you do not meet the deadline you will be ineligible to take your final in the Testing Center. Additionally, remember that you must communicate with your faculty members in relation to coordination of testing. Be sure to double check with the Academic Testing Center to ensure that your test has been delivered prior to your testing time. You will receive reminder emails from the Academic Testing Center, it is your responsibility to check your email and respond to their office in a timely and responsible manner.

Books in Electronic Format:

If you have text books or documents that you want scanned and recorded on to a CD, this material must be delivered to the SDS office at least one week prior to the date needed. A receipt showing purchase of the book to be scanned must be provided along with your scanning request. Student Disability Services will make a copy of the receipt and return it to the student. Material brought in less than 7 days before needed cannot be guaranteed to meet the requested deadline.

For Interpreter Services:

Requests for interpreter services should be completed immediately following your registration for classes in order to assure this accommodation is provided on the first day of class. In order to be provided interpreter services you MUST present your LOA to your instructor prior to interpreters accompanying you to the classroom. Per the Interpreter Request Form, interpreters are available for your meeting with instructors to discuss your LOAs.

For Brailing Services:

Requests for brailing services must be completed two weeks prior to the date that the material is needed. It is the student's responsibility to provide this office with any and all materials needing to be brailed. Likewise, it is the student's responsibility to deliver and pick up completed materials from the Student Disability Services office.

Updated 04/2012