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The Issues Committee shall be comprised of a minimum of five members of the Staff Senate. The duties of the committee shall be to study issues that have been submitted to the Issues Committee by a Texas Tech University staff member, make recommendations back to the Executive Committee regarding handling and disposition of each issue, and notify the author of any action resulting from the committee’s study.

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  • Adrien Bennings (Chair)
  • Kelsey Jackson
  • Ali Joy Lampert
  • DaNay Phelps
  • Dawn Moreno
  • Margaret Ceja
  • Judy Poffenbarger
  • Christi Felton
  • Stephanie Bohn
  • Randy Baker
  • Erik Gonzalez
  • Jessica Carrillo
  • Jacek Jonca
  • Shannon Samson
  • Kacey Nutt

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