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Other Committees


Any ad hoc committee may be called by the Staff Senate President and approved by Executive Board as deemed necessary. Membership shall be appointed through the standard nominations process and be disbanded when its purpose has been served. Any committee appointments and duties shall be determined by the Executive Board.

Standing University Committees

  • Academic Council: Stacy Stockard Caliva
  • ADA Compliance: Dee Nguyen
  • Ethics Center Advisory Committee: Stacy Stockard Caliva
  • Faculty Senate: Dee Nguyen
  • President's Cabinet: Dee Nguyen
  • Provost Council: Dee Nguyen
  • Strategic Planning Council:
  • University Parking: Rusty David

Special Projects

  • NEO Scheduling: Morgan Brannon
  • New Senator Orientation: Stacy Stockard Caliva

Ad Hoc Committees

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