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2007-2008 Resolution 5

March 5, 2008

Resolution of Thanks and Appreciation for President Jon Whitmore

WHEREAS Dr. Jon Whitmore, who has served since 2003 as the 14th president of Texas Tech University, has recently announced his plans to resign as president; and

WHEREAS during his tenure President Whitmore has been a strong proponent of the staff of Texas Tech University, supporting merit raises for staff every year, adding 29 professional academic advisors, developing the FIT Tech health and wellness program, establishing diversity and equity awards for students, faculty, and staff; and

WHEREAS President Whitmore has supported numerous staff  initiatives, such as development of an on-line survey to provide staff input into annual reviews of Texas Tech administrators, establishment of the office of  Staff Ombudsman, creation of an employee education incentive program, creation of an “extra time off award” program for outstanding staff performance, among others; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Staff Senate meeting on this 5th day of March 2008 expresses its unconditional thanks and appreciation to President Jon Whitmore for his service to the faculty, staff, and students of Texas Tech University; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT copies of this resolution be distributed to President Jon Whitmore, Chancellor Kent Hance, and members of the Texas Tech University System Board of Regents.

Introduced to, and passed by, the Texas Tech Staff Senate on 5 March 2008

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